Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why dear Noah, why?

I really wish that Noah had forgotten the pair of mosquitoes when he stepped into the ark.

On a day when we celebrate the elevation of namma Chennai as the best in some ranking of cities I would think that if they were to compare simply on the mosquito menace we would have been knocked off the list. I just wonder if these pesky mosquitoes were privy to this survey and that’s why they are here.

We are fighting a battle without any sign of victory against these mosquitoes which make life in Chennai miserable. Despite the rising sales of repellents and other gadgets there seems to be no way of defeating these devils which seem to multiply in the blink of an eye. Even spelling the name is painful and they will be called mossies from now on.

The side effects of these repellents are worrisome with health being a casualty, not many of these are human friendly also and I suspect they affect us more than the mossies. The only folks laughing are the makers and sellers of these products and I suspect the mossies on the sly.

One of the unintended effects of this battle of the mossies is an improvement in fitness especially in those who are now experts with the most famous invention of recent times - 

the bat. It is becoming an evening workout for folks batting out these mossies and you would be amazed at the range of strokes displayed, back hands, fore hands, square drives, cuts, smashes. As you can see since it is a mixture of several sports it ensures a high level of cardio activity and a rigorous work out.

I wonder if the folks at the IOC will consider “mossie batting” as a replacement for wrestling that way we can ensure that at least one medal will be assured for us in the Olympics.  And while they are doing that we can attempt to export some of the mossies for target practice and for the games.

We have tried the coils, sprays, mats, liquids and found that none of them work. The bat works, till we are tired of batting but when we go to sleep the battle resumes. The best method of course is the humble mosquito net which by the way is the biggest misnomer ever. It is called a mosquito net but we are the ones trapped inside, the mossies have a ball laughing at us.

So is there a solution? I do not know, but for now we switch on the ac at high cooling, apparently the mossies do not like cold weather and make a quick exit. Having watched the Naan E movie I would not be surprised if the mossies get wiser to the ac and devise a way out. Till then the ac it will be.

Everybody loves Chennai, 

even the mosquitoes. Sigh.

Why dear Noah, why?


The Pseudonym said...

Dei Narayana indha kosu tholla thangala da. Marundhu adichi kollunga da. :)

Haddock said...

Yes the bat.... its a must in every house. But surprisingly Pune managed to get rid of this menace (most parts of Pune) One can peacefully sit out in the evenings without swatting them.

!! Oxymoron !! said...

LOL@ the bat workout! See my mom do ballerina moves/contemporary dances moves with it - over the head, around the body, under the sofa!

I think burning sambrani/vettiver is supposed to be a better alternative to the chemical fumes. That said, I always have a bat handy ;)

Clement Williams said...

@The Pseudonym: Gounder is awesome!
Arasiyala ithu ellaam saathaaranamappa : )

@Haddock: So what exactly did Pune do? Please share maybe it can be replicated

@Oxymoron: Have tried that, but as I said they repel me as well since I have a dust allergy : (

Susan Deborah said...

How do you know Noah actually took mosquitoes as well. Mosquitoes are a result of garbage and stagnated water and these two are Chennai's greatest vices. I think during Noah's time there wasn't garbage and all those things associated with stagnated water given that the population was not quite high.

The bat is a sure bet especially when one wants to vent out the anger. The bat gives a pseudo feeling of firing bullets and killing enemies. I wrote a post titled, "Killing can be Addictive" based on this bat.

Don't blame Noah, blame the city's population, ineffective garbage disposable strategies and mindless citizens.

Spare the Ark man.

Joy always,

Karen Xavier said...

Yes, somebody would have swatted those pesky mosquitoes on the ark... they breed in damp conditions. I hate these bloody creatures, why can't they become extinct...
On a side note, how cool is it, that Chennai has been rated the best city in India.