Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What is true love?

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What is true love? A day before Valentine’s Day this is a valid question. Love is an ocean of emotions. Unfortunately the idiosyncrasies of English as a language has ensured several emotions labeled as love. This post is dedicated to the Feb14 classification of love, between a boy / girl & boy/ girl or man/woman & man/woman (today multiple scenarios are available).   However this question was posed yesterday to some college kids on radio and their relative inexperience showed in the shallow answers that followed.I smiled with a “been there done that” feeling. 

Today I know true love begins after the honeymoon ends.

It is not the big things that show true love but the little things that are lost in the whirlwind of life to all the others except the two in love. To others it may be even silly when they see these expressions of love as they are not the usual public displays of affection. True love needs no spectators and is not a spectacle.

To catch a dawn flight, to comply with the 90 minute check in, I mute the alarm so as to avoid waking her before I go to sleep. I wake to find that her alarm was set 15 minutes ahead, the coffee on the table and the breakfast on the stove.

True love is a blessing.


Susan Deborah said...

How well you've expressed this. Wonderful. Sometimes the honeymoon never ends and so it's all bliss. Small insignificant acts as the one you've described constitutes love. And what better expression than that found in I Corinthians 13!

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

@Susan Deborah: thank you, heard some silly comments on radio on true love by a bunch of kids and I knew I had to write this