Sunday, February 24, 2013


I have written an earlier post on the art of kissing. This is on just KISS, the keep it simple stupid one.

Life tends to wear you out with its complexities and often in the muddle we miss out the bigger picture. The solution is to simply KISS. Yes keep it simple and focus on the basics.

I do training modules for a hobby and one module that tends to get repeated is on Time Management. Time is perishable and always seems to be in short supply when it is most needed. I will like to share my KISS model of time management which is the gist of the actual module.

The first and the biggest tool(s) for effective time management is a pen with a paper. Some words of wisdom before we begin. Watch this.

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail”

Here we go
-                     LIST out ALL the activities that need to be completed on a sheet of paper
-                     Arrange them in order of PRIORITY
-                     Allocate time for each activity
-                     Provide time for exceptions & unplanned activities including a coffee break or FB status updates
-                     Cross out every completed activity
-                     If any activities remain schedule it for a future time.

Handy tips:
-                     Ensure that the most critical / disliked / difficult activity is completed first, once the mountain is crossed, the road ahead gets easier
-                     Decide to give procrastination a holiday
-           Ensure that the sheet is visible to ensure that you are on track and for course correction if required

Finally some exercise for good health after completing all the planned activities:
-                     Raise your right arm towards the heavens with the palm facing in the reverse direction
-                     Fold the arm till the palm reaches your back
-                     Pat your self on the back and say well done
-                     Repeat till you are having a smile on your face or your arm hurts

Remember work will stretch itself to fill the available time. Keep KISSing.


!! Oxymoron !! said...

Needed this! I'm probably the worst time manager, ever! Putting pen to paper now ;)

Susan Deborah said...

Great advise and who doesn't like KISSing?

Shall follow what you've said and will keep KISSing! And to get optimum results, one should have a good partner who will motivate and keep the KISSing flowing ;)

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

@Oxymoron: ensure that the paper is visible, sometimes finding the paper becomes an activity : )

@Susan Deborah: Best wishes!

!! Oxymoron !! said...

@Susan - Nice play of words?!