Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hooray! Hooray! Its a holi holiday!

Don’t we look forward to a holiday? I do and I would like to believe many others do too.

But have we ever notice the folks around who never get holidays. There are many and they go unnoticed. The milk is delivered on time every day and it comes along with the newspaper. Public transport, the police, the fire service, utilities and so many more work on holidays. Have we spared a thought, just a thought for the bartender who serves the drinks for the New Year party, he works when others take off and there are many more who slog to make that New Year memorable.

One Sunday when I was out for dinner I happened to see some officers of a PSU bank working at 9 PM, I know of some bank officials facing marital stresses because they hardly get time to spend with their families.There was a time when a bank manager was an aspiration but today it can be a curse.

For a daily wage labourer or a small time entrepreneur a holiday is a loss of income and because there is no food on the table they cannot afford to take a holiday. Closer home, do our domestic helpers have a weekly off? Do they not require one day to rest, recover or even handle their personal work before the next working week starts? Our maid has a weekly off and paid medical leave when required.

We cannot change the lives of all the people around but we can start with some one close by who works for us. We can also just acknowledge their efforts and say a Thank You. Yesterday and today many systems were paralyzed because people are on strike for many things including some job security for the unorganized sector that generally never gets a holiday. I have my own views on strike and its effects but the strike shows how much it will inconvenience us when folks who do not usually get a holiday, actually get one or two.


Susan Deborah said...

Thoughtfully penned down.

My domestic help gets Sundays off. Sometimes she insists that she comes. She doesn't like staying home.

On another note, some folks don't like staying home and prefer to stay out of home even on holidays. Good for them.

To each his/her own.

Joy always,

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Moms and wives Clement...womenfolk who silently work throughout the year, keeping their homes clean, families fed, clothes washed, dried and folded, groceries bought, peace kept, egos nursed, - done out of love and duty; throughout the year.

While all the time, battling dreams that threaten to die, worrying about whether they are still attractive to their husband - but not daring to mention it in case they seem shallow, living in fear of losing friendships because everything else takes up all their time and energy and many many other wars and battles that wage in their mind and outside.

They too deserve a mention :)

Clement Williams said...

@susan deborah: thank you

@oxymoron: Ash this was for the working folks, wives & mums are for another post as it will be sheer injustice to join them in this post IMO

Divia said...

You re not on holiday you re on sick leave!

Ashwini C N said...

I came here thinking it would be something fun with regard to the song, but what I read is totally different. You are right, we do look forward to these holidays but there are many out there without this luxury . All we can do is to acknowledge their efforts as you say, and not reprimand them every time they take a break. Come on, no human is perfect right. Nice thoughts :-)

Clement Williams said...

@Divia: Agreed : )

@Ashwini CN: A word of appreciation can make some one's day. Thanks for stopping by.

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Aaaah! Kowthitinga Clement!!

Sorry, in my tunnel vision-ness, I didn't mention how noble it is of you to not only ponder but also make it known to the world your thoughts about those who work with no holidays.

I have wondered about it many a times, especially on festival days, when I'm off somewhere to have fun and I watch lone figures in white and khakhi ensure that our ride is smooth.

The Pseudonym said...

I will tell you life is one big work. Please don't forget the heart and brain too. I wish I could rest them. But if one experiences life to the fullest not a single day will feel like it is work. :)

Entrepreneurs are a crazy lot they would probably die if they had nothing to do Just like our heart and Brain.

Revathi R said...

Thinking beyond the intended strike and the obvious holiday for many, you did touch a vital point. A point to ponder!

Clement Williams said...

@Oxymoron: hr highness has written about the disappearance of her saturdays, check it out : )

@The Pseudonym: Saar neenge engeyo poiteenga

@Revathi R: Thanks for stopping by!