Friday, February 08, 2013

Ass kissing

“A little flattery never hurt anyone”

I do not know if many people are immune to a little flattery. A normal person likes to be appreciated and should like getting positive statements from others. So what is this flattery?

“Flattery (also called adulation or blandishment) is the act of giving excessive compliments, generally for the purpose of ingratiating oneself with the subject” – according to wiki.

Every flattering statement has an end for its origin, someone wants to achieve something off the other and flattery is the inducement. Flattery is all pervasive at home, work, social life and we would have all used it consciously or subconsciously. A little flattery never hurt right?

These days flattery has grown to obscene levels and has become a fine art that is practiced by the politicians to please their bosses. From falling at the feet to deifying them higher than Gods, flattery has no limits. It will not be unusual to see large flex boards on various street corners extolling the many virtues of the esteemed leader scheduled to pass by the road. I wonder if many of our Gods could be as virtuous as these exalted mortals.

Some of these boards are too gross to even reproduce so I will refrain from the same, but I guess this is too common place for folks to be in the dark. A recent festival of a temple had a huge board detailing the list of events and the inevitable sponsors. The presiding deity of the temple was relegated to a corner and the chief guest who is a local politician dominated the board with the organizers displayed below.

The titles that are being handed out can make you squirm or chuckle. A sample - The dawn (not don) of Tamilnadu is a great grand father. Sigh.

The courts have banned hoardings of commercial establishments as they are traffic hazards, I suppose it is high time that these boards go the same way. One of these days I may crash my car rolling over the steering wheel in laughter.

A little flattery never hurt anyone, really?

P.S. the title is another term for sycophancy which is LOT of flattery, 


Susan Deborah said...

I think today's norm is flattery. Ads, posters and almost every medium uses this means of communication. I think we should distinguish good and bad flattery like white and black lies.

Sometimes even the compliments are flattery. I wish you wrote more on this topic.

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

@Susan Deborah: I wanted to write more but was very depressing the way the politicians do it.

Anonymous said...

It is all money.
What does a man with power want?
More power

If you are doing business you will understand what I mean.

About the hoarding, I am able to those beautiful windows of those buildings.