Friday, January 25, 2013

On a day like today - Write Over the Weekend (WOW)

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a life time. Today I met one who has left me still wondering.

It started with the driver behind me blinding me with his headlights, now when you drive with your mirrors if the driver uses the high beam behind it can be very disorienting. So unable to drive I pulled over and flagged the car behind with a polite request to dim the lights. That started of the ugliest 10 minutes in recent times with a stream of profanities, when I refused to back down as I am large and my size can be intimidating the man attempted to run me down with his car, fortunately  he was restrained by his co-passenger. The inevitable good Samaritans materialized out of nowhere ostensibly with the intention of resolving the fight but with the motive of clearing the road so they could drive on.

When the entire scene seemed pointless I simply moved aside and let the idiot pass so that he can make the life of some body else miserable.  

So to come back to the opening line, this man taught me in no certain terms that sometimes actions speak louder and are more effective than words.

P.S. This is a true incident and the car is the one in the picture 

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Anonymous said...

PY registration.. Ennatha kudichi tholaichano

Clement Williams said...

@annasarp: the 2 co-passengers were drunk, mercifully for the sake of others on the road he was not

Susan Deborah said...

Even in the picture, the lights are quite glaring. Can't we report all this?

Joy always,

Rinaya said...

Where are the PCR vans when we need them?anyway good post :)

Akila G said...

oh my!! some fellas reeally get on to our nerves!!!annoying....