Sunday, January 13, 2013

Of sign boards, white coats, clean hands and some more

Why do they have sign boards on roads? It is to help even the unlearned to understand and in universal understanding the sign above means that you are not meant to go that way. So what is it that makes every idiot learned or otherwise driving on the wrong side of a narrow lane leading to a blind curve? It is providence that no major accident has happened till date.

On the above mentioned curve is one of the landmarks of Chennai mentioned by Sylvian in his quiz question earlier. Our very own Hotel Saravana Bhavan may be many things for many but for its quality it is vouched by many not less my doctor who has been treating me since my diaper days. He has told me if I must eat out it would be better off for me to eat there. Considering that a recent Pizza Hut expedition resulted in a tummy upset it is very sound advice indeed.

Just heard that a pilgrimage group from my church was involved in a road accident and the initial reports suggest a driver fault. Apparently the driver of the tour bus grazed a fuel laden truck while attempting to overtake. It never ceases to amaze me that the many back seat drivers who cannot avoid giving advice when folks they know drive a car tend to trust their lives blindly in the hands of the unknown drivers. It appears that the driver in question momentarily dozed off.

I have been treated by my family doctor for so long and I have never seen him wear the white coat, in fact I have never seen any doctor wear a coat. So why do these ad makers show these fakes in white coats hawking everything from floor cleaners, tooth brushes, diapers to beauty treatments. A Google image search showed that this is neither a local issue nor a recent issue. Incidentally on the topic of white coats, I remember reading that these coats could be carriers of major infections.

We spend a third of our life sleeping and when we miss sleep it can be detrimental to us and those we come in contact with. Sleep is a miracle and many people fail to appreciate the benefits of sleep. “Sleep is a required activity, not an option. Even though the precise functions of sleep remain a mystery, sleep is important for normal motor and cognitive function. We all recognize and feel the need to sleep. After sleeping, we recognize changes that have occurred, as we feel rested and more alert. Sleep actually appears to be required for survival.” The above excerpt is reproduced from an article here

We spread infections by shaking hands. Hands carry infections and they can be shared each time we shake hands. There is actually a global hand washing day which will be celebrated in another ten months, if not anything it will give great mileage and increase the sales of the soap companies. Incidentally my daughter is so fascinated by the new colour changing hand wash that she ensured that it was there in our shopping cart before other purchases. Makes you realize how wise our fore fathers were when they devised the greeting as “ Vanakkam”.

So Vanakkam it is and “Iniya Thai Thirunaal Nalvazhthukkal”


Susan Deborah said...

Shabbha. Your posts connect in a weird sort of way. One leads to the other, right? Sign-boards-accidents-food-stomach upset-doctors-sleep-hands-vanakkam-Pongal wishes.

Oh my Gawd!

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

@susan deborah Special effort was made to relate them so that you can be saved wondering

Muthiah sriram said...

awesome!!its a new thing i have seen in blogs!!connecting random stuffs!!

Clement Williams said...

@muthiah sriram: Thank you, used to write random things earlier, thanks to Susan now linking them ; )

gitanjali said...

Ha!! :D Nice style. May I borrow this and try it sometime?
Though I doubt I might have this many opinions on such varied topics all at once- Respect for that! :)
Nice read :) Cheers!

Clement Williams said...

@gitanjali thrilled that you like it! please use it. I realized that the most random things can be related. Been using this style for some time & found it fun.

Divia said...

hey good post missed it earlier.

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