Sunday, January 06, 2013

Of bladders, schools, overcoats and more

What is it with some men and their bursting bladders that they have to ruin every wall they see? I hate it when I have to see guys relieving themselves as I open my front door. Even my dog (sadly she is no longer with us) was better behaved and well toilet trained. Shamefully today Gods have been reduced to toilet sentinels. If there is anything worse than these men, it will be those who spit from their bus seats. AARGGGHH!

Chennai has been famous for its medical facilities but you can’t help noticing the new fads in medicine these days, fertility centers. Advances in medicine and a desire for children despite the age of the parents have led to centers proudly proclaiming that a 50 year lady has given birth due to their expertise. Not sure this is a healthy trend, there is a time for everything and to beat the cycle of nature can end up self defeating.

Festivals are flowing from one to another, on the last day of Christmas season a New Year crept it almost silently due to the Delhi incident and already marketers are looking forward to the big one Pongal. It looks to be a long weekend for me but for the government employees it gets longer with 5 days of holidays starting from the Sunday. After Pongal is the big festival called Q4 or the year end which sadly for me will sweep over the Passion season with Easter falling on the year closing.

It’s that time of the year when school admissions are starting; thankfully many schools have gone the online mode. This has stopped the overnight lines and fights to get the elusive application form. I have got the forms now the big challenge to get the seat begins. Hopefully banks will start a new product, a loan for the admission and the inevitable development fund that is never mentioned but always indicated, this will be a sure fire winner.

The knee jerk and the short sighted reactions and measures that are being announced by those in power after the Delhi incident are worrying and embarrassingly stupid to say the least. Puducherry has asked for women to wear over coats and separate buses for boys and girls. Making co-educational schools the norm and teaching boys and girls respect at a early age and how to relate to each other will go a long way in changing mindsets but heard some parents saying that co-ed schools must be avoided because boys and girls will pair up. Oh and btw my take on the overcoat is there in the images.

Have given up taking the elevator and have found a difference already. Have found that I always had the will to walk up flights of stairs but I just did not notice. Considering that buildings here seldom go more than 10 floors and very few offices / homes I know are on the top it is no big deal. Just wish the jaywalker who dashes across the roads realizes that the ROB staircase can be the bit of exercise that he has skipped so far.

And finally the latest AXE ad playing on TV is an insult to the sensibilities of both men & women alike. These jokers who are passing some insane comments to the media on behalf of their parties must be buying the cans in truck loads I suspect.

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Prashanth Ashok said...

Absolutely random yeah :) But well written

Susan Deborah said...

A neat summing up of the different collages of the recent news. But somehow the link was missing. While you started with bladders, the idea suddenly jumped to medical facilities. I wonder what is the connection between the first and second paragraphs?

I am still thinking.

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

@ Susan: this is a style that I have been using, write about absolutely random stuff, because I just wanted to write about them, no connection whatsoever : )