Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mind it, I say!

What are we teaching our children these days?

I have often worried about this question as I come up with some shocking answers:

  1. Nothing
  2. Lots of bad things by our actions
  3. More bad things by our words
  4. More bad things by letting the idiot box be their baby sitter
  5. The occasional good thing some where in between

The first school for our children is the home and the lessons learnt at home stay a life time and form the child. It is a big challenge to be conscious of every word & deed because indeed the Young India is watching.

We may have smirked at the ad by The Hindu, even mocked the people in the home of the government but time to spend a moment of introspection into what goes on at home. The future of our children is in our hands.

(Picture of a TOI campaign)


Susan Deborah said...

"The parent's life is the child's copybook" - says a wise and often ignored adage. A couple is making the biggest decision in their lives when they think of a child - Guess that major decision should be made wisely. I don't think many parents understand the gravity of the situation. Glad to see parents like you.

Joy always,

Divia said...

My dear hubby... Im glad you understood and help me out :)

Divia said...

My dear Hubby im glad you realised.

Chriz said...

we are both on a blog spree.. we are going back to those days.. childhood relived