Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiyaa? - Comedy time Powered!!!

When I have some time to kill I watch the comedy channels on TV, beyond the inane rubbish of the hosts, the irritating calls of extremely jobless people and the painful advertisements you can eventually find a few really funny gags and for a brief moment I relax and permit myself a few chuckles or rarely a full throated laugh.

If what you want to do to is just relax then do as mentioned above and you can save yourself a few rupees instead of going to a theatre (yes no thiruttu vcds please) to watch the hit (supposedly) of this Pongal season, Kanna laddu thinna aasaiyaa. From the crowd and the nearly full house at AGS Navalur for a 7.35 pm show it appeared that many folks were piqued as I was on the movie and the promise it held. SIGH.

The movie to keep it short is just that, comedy time running for a normal movie length, the heroine and the dialogues make up for the comperes and their conversations and the songs which are an assault on the ears are like the advertisements and everything else are the comedy scenes, plain and simple. You should really be in another theatre if you expect a plot, script etc.

The reception that the theatre gave for Power Star’s name and his entry scene left me amazed and at the end of the movie I developed respect for the “Power”.  The Power Star fills the movie and he comfortably overshadows Santhanam frame after frame. Power is in full form and it calls for a lot of guts to take pot shots on one’s self and here he scored big time. Only a confident person can handle self depreciating humour and Power does it in style, you need to watch to believe.

Santhanam is his usual self, making fun of others in his drawl and after a point of time it can get annoying. He can take a few lessons from the master of this genre Gounder who is simply unbeatable. The rest of the cast including the hero, heroine, supporting cast are all caricatures and you are simply unable to relate any of them. STR is a surprise guest performer without any impact.

The story is supposed to be inspired by Indru Pol Naalai vaa an yester year hit of Bhagyaraj but since I have not seen it I am not sure how close to the original it is. The plot in a line 3 friends fall for the same girl and they compete with each other to get the girl.

Two songs in the movie are copies of old songs; one is a complete lift off and another chorus reminds you of an old hit, as with so many other movies you wonder about the placement and the requirement of the songs. The costumer of the heroine seems to have worked with a template and every dress seems to be the same. Usually some things stick with you after leaving a theatre this time there was none because the main punch lines are already on TV and there is nothing more to look out for on the screen.

A real pity because there was so much promise. If the best of the Pongal lot is just so-so the other movies must be really terrible. Better to watch comedy time and wait for maybe Puthaandu or Deepavali when this movie and the others will premier on TV.

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