Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No money, no honey??

By now many of us may be numbed by the amount of scams that vie with each other in the quantum and scale. We have come to accept that loot is a part of life and sometimes we are also part of the loot. It is so foolish to blame the ills of the land on the corrupt politicians when we have let it happen.

When we fake rent receipts, hide other income(s), collect subsidies even when ineligible, even watch pirated DVDs some where down the line we step over the thin line between right and wrong, the line between what is fair and unfair. In the end it all comes down to money.

If time is money, then many folks on the road are building their bank balances by putting their lives at risk, jumping lanes, driving on the wrong side to save maybe some fuel or time and hence money. My sincere wish is that they may live long with the money thus saved.

Every scam or con artist and thief would have probably started small, with a small scam or stealing a few rupees and over the years develops into bigger scams all for money. The growth of these delinquents is greatly aided by the apathy and indifference of folks around. When was the last time we screamed at a shopkeeper blatantly charging over the MRP? They grow in confidence and fearlessness and move on to greater loots.

What never ceases to amaze me is what can people do with so much money? I know that when I look around me there are so many possessions that I have that I do not use, I even use only a third of the livable space in my house. I can drive one car, I can wear one set of clothes and I can eat only so much without throwing up and surely that will be the case with all others. I really wonder how many people actually enjoy all the ill gotten wealth they have gathered. If they cannot enjoy then why do they gather?

Money is the root of all evil but what we forget is that money cannot buy the best things in life. The best things in life are free but those who are after money have no time for it. Pity.


Susan Deborah said...

First off: This is a fairly recent post and CBC started off in 2011. Weren't you there then?

Now to the post: Most beautiful things in life are definitely free but with those free things one cannot live life. We of course need some money but then as you rightly mentioned not so much money that we grow mad and wicked.

I disagree about the pirated CDs. I firmly believe that the whole idea of copyright is America's way of controlling. Art should always be free - cinema, books, etc.

As for the scams - No words! We are slowly emerging as the corruption capital of the world. I will inbox an article on that to you shortly.

Best wishes.

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

@susan deborah: I came across CBC only after ITC meet, been blogging for some time but 2011 was my worst year.

Piracy is wrong as it is a question of legitimate livelihood of the artist.

The article was mind numbing.

Divia said...

: )