Friday, April 27, 2012

Ungal nanban (Your friend)

Watch the clip and pay attention to the part about the policemen being the friend and hold it there...

I was shocked to see my car missing today evening after office and it looked like a clear case of a tow away. I had never fallen foul of the traffic police earlier but nevertheless asked the traffic cop nearby if he could help. Maybe he was tired or maybe he was bugged with the unruly traffic on Cenotaph Road he grudgingly suggested a number to be called.

I was not prepared for the courteous and police response by a lady on the other end who patiently enquired and informed me that due to the visit of the CM today morning it was possible that my car was towed away. She gave me another number where the courtesies continued, the policeman politely enquired and then asked me to wait while he cross checked with the local police stations and informed me that my car was in Mambalam police station. He also informed the station of my arrival. I thanked the unknown policeman and went to the police station.

My car was looking desolate outside the station and when I went and introduced myself as the owner of the car, my surprise continued. An extremely polite traffic constable said that he was waiting after duty to hand over the car after being informed over the wireless. I enquired why the car was towed when it was not in a no parking area, the cop clarified that my car was leaning towards the end of the lane and for security reasons they wanted it moved. Unfortunately I missed their announcements over the public address. The cop then used his hand held to confirm my address and asked me to pay the charges of Rs. 475/-, when I handed over the same he returned Rs. 175/- and said that since I was actually not an offender he was only charging for a minor offence and towing. He politely gave me my receipt, shook my hand and wished me a very good evening.

I came away happy and really happy that we have such wonderful friends manning our streets.

A salute to The Chennai Traffic Police

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Divia said...

And all the while im sitting home fingers crossed! Im still yet to get NTC for my licence and pancard, we ll see if their "en nanban polla yaaru machan"types...