Monday, April 23, 2012


OK OK Coming from the maker who has conceived catchy titles for his movies starting from SMS aka Siva Manasula Sakthi you would expect more fun. But you end up getting more of the same thing.  

The good about OK OK
- The name inspired from a song from SMS lends itself to the catchy abbreviation and lends a feel good touch to the movie in the shortened form
- The story or lack of it, does not consume your time searching for it, in an interview the maker said that he explained a one liner to the producer (who eventually becomes the hero) of the hero going to stop the wedding of the girl he loves in a jaanavasam car and that is it
- Santhanam
- Santhanam
- Santhanam
- Since Santhanam has been repeated I will break the monotony with Saranya
- Santhanam if it is getting on your nerves, it cannot be helped as the movie is Santhanam plus an ensemble case and nothing more, nothing less.

 The bad about OK OK
- The hero, “pappu cant dance saala”, here pappu cannot act, dance, emote and everything else you expect of the hero
 - The heroine, you can repeat the earlier line, but she redeems it some what by the hilarious scene where she runs in the desert like “whatever you may choose to call it”, while the hero is struggling to dance it appears she is trying to flee desperately from the scene.
 - The lack of the story while it is good is also bad because for laughs there is always Comedy time on TV - The glaring inconsistencies in the script, for instance the hero and the sidekick (you decide which of the two is Santhanam) is shown as employed in Sathyam Cinemas, then Santhanam is shown as the driver of the car…
- The music is passable and though two songs are proclaimed hits I suspect it is because of the constant airplay than anything else
 - You have seen it all before, in SMS and Boss. You cant help but thinking that the maker has run out of creativity or maybe he believes that “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”
- The humour at the expense of women, the scene at the coffee shop when the prospective groom looking straight out of a garbage dump poking fun at the heroine is jarring and while it made a point in the movie, it reinforces the point that the heroines in these movies are just bimbos
- The caricature of the police officer dad who showed so much potential of being a villain but ends up like a damp squib
 - Too much of Santhanam can be a bad thing too, the drawl and the effected way of speaking beyond a point can tend to rankle and unless creativity is used will become stale especially in the same role of the friend of the hero

Bottom line: You can watch the movie that would have really been OK OK with a better lead pair, but passes off as OK with a safe plot and safer Santhanam. Go if you like to watch comedy time for 3 hours.

PS: Watched the movie in The Cinema (Satyam), Brookfields Coimbatore. Nice mall and good theatre, both sorely missed in Coimbatore. However the rest rooms seemed to be messed up more, hopefully there will not be paan spitters there…

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