Monday, February 06, 2012

It's so long since

Much water has flown under the bridge since my last blog post. I will not dwell too much on to the many events but this Christmas was special. First the wife and I produced and released our first ever Christmas CD titled "A Time to love".

A CD that suffered so many set backs and was almost not happening came out on the 1st Sunday of Advent thanks to the grace of God who sent so many wonderful donors who gladly donated to the cost of making it. The CD also taught us that trust in God is better than trust in others as "friends" backed out of the project fearing failure. Sung entirely by the kids of the children's choir and two songs by adult groups, the CD has got favourable reviews from people who have heard it. All the proceeds of this album will be shortly given to charities.

The CD also saw the formation of a small mixed voice group that we called "CREW 150:6" (to understand the numbers Google it), we were fortunate to sing in a mixed voice group after awhile and we actually debuted on the radio thanks to a carol competition on Chennai Live 104.8 FM, we also managed to perform in Stella Maris College as a part of their first ever carol evening. It was a musically satisfying Christmas thanks to all the other carol services with Stouxingers the male voice group.

So what after Christmas, 2011 ended on a good note and 2012 seems to be good so far. A month has already passed by and work is conspiring to occupy every spare moment that is on hand, so it is going to be one exciting financial year closing.

How ever well begun is half done, said some one, so I have begun blogging again and since I have started I will continue...

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