Friday, September 09, 2011

Mankatha - the movie

So watched the game as it is tagged, the movie had many big plusses going for it. This was the 50th movie of thala who's punch line loosely resembles the Duh of Big Moose. (If you don't know big moose google it please).

So the plot involves heist of a lot of money and the inevitable fight between those who pulled off the heist and the ultimate winner with the usual Venkat Prabhu twist.

There i wrote the script in about two lines, but to bring this to screen with an introduction song for thala and to give space for the huge ensemble cast (please refer wiki)and to patronize a loving brother and even more ever loving cousins, Venkat Prabhu gives a movie that would have been Hollywoodish at just 90 minutes but ends up as a normal movie with holes in the logic like the Chennai roads.

In all fairness it is a one time watch and it can be a decent time pass if you are with friends simply because thala has had a blast making this movie and it is seen right through. From the dances, the dialogue delivery, action sequences, thala rocks(i'm no fan, mind you). A colleague from Delhi who knew no Tamizh came along for fun and said what we knew but did not voice that the look and the role seemed straight off from a George Clooney flick.

The positives in no particular order - good background score, ensemble cast, Venkat Prabhu's irreverence, expected twist, Thala, Thala, Thala (he carries the movie all the way),it would take a lot to play the baddie and a real bad chain smoking, drunk, sleep around type of baddie at that and of course the action king who looks old but still does a neat job.

The negatives : terrible music, surely the cousins can do better for their loving cousin, the women who have pretty much nothing to do except maybe the vamp as Venkat Prabhu likes to show some skin in all his movies, Trisha is the equivalent of the blonde, the silly heist, the excessively long gun fights that reminded me of Hot shots part deux, surely how many bullets can a gun hold?

I will spend some time on the heist which was the biggest disappointment for me, you cannot hack into a secure site by just typing the IP address and this alone made the very silly Premgi look even sillier and you cannot unscrew a container off a truck by loosening four screws with a hand held device it is simply not on, after a bike stunt it felt like drinking a cola that was kept out in the sun for too long.

Bottomline: Do not miss it if you are a thala or a venkat prabhu fan for the others it is a decent one time watch


Divia said...

Thala fans dont miss it...espl for the car and bike stunts on big screen is awesome!!! and Ajith is having ball being his playboy self! so the movie rocks.
So much swearing is not particularly a necessity, if that was trying to give the hollywood effect it failed in that!

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Totally agree, it's a one time watch. But with the entire theatre rooting for Ajith, the energy was great in the theatre (I'm no fan either!) The part that really made me happy, was to see Arjun do a relatively better role, considering how he keeps doing these superhuman-who-is-so-human-but-defies-death-at-all-times roles.