Saturday, July 02, 2011


With a blog called Quo Vadis, the moment I saw the reminder from Indiblogger I did not have to think far for a subject to blog. The ubiquitous road, that can take one through the entire spectrum of emotions from agony to ecstasy today is worth a blog.

Living in a city we are used to the tarred roads black with white lines that aspire to make our journeys smooth but imagine life in places where there are no roads? A decade ago in the university where i studied our hostel was accessed by a red mud road, which during rainy days was best avoided for obvious reasons.

What is so interesting about roads, they are singularly the most uninteresting things around, how much interest can a black section of bitumen generate? But imagine the road in colour, multicolour actually. Currently the black and white road is a leveller you may ride a bicycle or a Bentley but on that black and white stretch you are an equal. Unfair actually, why should the two mix? And mix with bullock carts, cattle, mopeds, tractors, killer lorries and worse killer buses.

Why not colour code the roads on a payable basis? The black and white for the cyclists who deserve a free ride for the good health of the riders and ours too for lesser emissions, then maybe a yellow lane on the road for all the government issue vehicles who will never pay for using the road, a red lane for ambulances, VIP and high security vehicles that need quick access, a blue lane for the aam aadmi the darlings of the ruling parties who will require a subsidy to drive on the roads on subsidized fuel and finally a green lane that is for those who will willingly pay a premium rate to travel on an exclusive high speed stretch that will minimize travel time and stress.

But since this is wishful thinking and we will still be frustrated every time we drive on the black and white road, we will keep wishing Öh for multicoloured roads!!


Someone is Special said...

colouring the roads??? very unique.. Love this a lot.. Good luck and will my life be colourful

Someone is Special

Divia said...

Hey supercool idea. You re kind of becoming like a think tank these days... hope it all takes shape