Monday, February 07, 2011

Morality are you there?

We are a morally deficient people and it is rare for most of us to deny this outrageous accusation.

Just think how many time have we done things that are wrong but our own self serving end justifying the means theory will ensure that we give morals the go by. Sometimes the other self serving declaration every one else does it so why not I also helps.

Just think when was the last time we
- gave a DIY rent receipt to save tax at the year end?
- collected a free be TV or bought stuff at a fair price shop meant for the BPL?
- last watched a block buster on CD at home?
- jumped a red light or drive down the wrong side?
- avoided a bill just to save the VAT and become part of the black money trail?

If acts of commission are bad the acts of commission are worse

- women are maimed for resisting rape and get thrown of trains
- public wealth is blatantly looted by a vested few
- public servants demanding bribes for doing their job
- shop keepers selling above the MRP blatantly violating law

I stop here because it is simply depressing to proceed any further

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