Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life is beautiful

Its been so long since I last posted and much has happened since:

Trinity has completed a year and she has been constantly amazing us with her antics
- she loves shopping and is always running about with a shopping bag, sometimes filling me with a little dread
- she loves the songs of Enthiran and I must confess I haven't heard them much and wont be able to make them out (sorry Thalaiva) but my daughter is making up for it, and she is absolutely delighted to hear the songs on TV each time or when the trailer comes on
- she amazed the girl who delivered the ironed clothes when she pointed out the bunch of house keys hanging behind a door that were required to open the locked gate (a security hazard no doubt)
- she amazed D and I and absolutely sent to us into a tizzy when we made her sit on a chair before a keyboard to rest and she promptly started fooling around with the keys and when I reduced the volume, she turned it back on again.

Well these may not amaze you because you may have seen it all before, but for us seeing it for the first time, it is so uplifting and at the same time it is also a little humbling that the little bundle of joy is not a simple being as we make her to be.

The other thing that is keeping me occupied is that entrepreneur bug with which I had been bitten, something is happening there.

The last thing is the children's choir, after our first attempt at Sing the Season, we have been called back again and this time we aim to do better so that means a lot of extra practice.

Since I am still trying to balance work with after work activities and finding it a very big challenge I have not been able to visit this space, but will make some time. Till then life is so beautiful.

PS Trinity is 13 months old