Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stolen moments

You wake up at dawn and with half open eyes survey the dim surroundings around, the others on the bed are asleep. You spot a very small space near wife dearest, a space that will never be sufficient but you stumble to that side of the bed and snuggle up to drift into bliss. Suddenly you are awakened by a gentle nudge, you open the eyes a little to see two little teeth peeking out in between a cute pair of lips curled into an impish smile topped off by two sparkling eyes. Your heart is filled with warmth as your now not so little bundle of joy looks at you with adoring puppy dog eyes. She manages to squeeze into that small space between her mum and dad and snuggles off to sleep again. You drift off in the tight embrace to something that is closest to heaven on earth with a contented smile... then you hear the alarm. It is Monday.

1 comment:

Raveena said...

Ha ha.. Clement, you are such a father!! :)