Friday, August 06, 2010

Of stinking politicians and unbearable stench

Why does politics raise such a stink?

Here we have the pots calling a kettle black (no reference to the shapes of the protagonists), the ruling party being jolted out of their complacency by the mother of all meetings in Coimbatore retaliates with another of their own and then follow it up with the youth wing headed by a grandfather paralyzing traffic in the capital city. I had mentioned in an earlier post that the last vulgar display of power led to the “amma” loosing power, I have a feeling that history will repeat itself and the ruling party is digging their own graves.

The CW games fiasco is ensuring that the ugly side of India is there for the world to see. I think Mr. K is of the opinion that the term Common Wealth meant that he should share the wealth with his common cronies. What is even more irksome is that he is still holding on to his job.

The pressures of coalition politics ensured another black sheep in the form of the telecommunication minister sitting tight in his post after a scam that has put the CWG scam into insignificance.

Now lets try to answer the question posed earlier, it stinks because:

- clean people do not think that it is a good vocation
- clean people do not vote for clean people but sit at home and watch television
- there are NO clean people around

If you think the last statement is outrageous just look around you and see how many dirty people abound and how many of them are politicians.

If you need a pointer look around and see how many of us “clean people” bribe someone every day for personal benefit, break a traffic rule everyday, cheat on taxes everyday, steal power everyday, over charge a customer everyday, cheat in exams everyday, in short take short cuts to go ahead in life disregarding those ahead everyday...

Just take a good look around and if possible do look into a mirror also.

Why does politics raise such a stink?

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