Friday, July 23, 2010

Of weddings, wedding halls and almanacs

It seems to be the wedding season with people around me getting married and this brought about a new post.

Weddings are made in heaven, but all the support roles are played here and unfortunately the support roles tend to take precedence on the big day.

If you don’t believe me, accept the fact that weddings are fixed based on the availability of the wedding halls and this availability throws up the auspicious date issues.

Wiktionary throws up the following for “auspicious”
auspicious (comparative more auspicious, superlative most auspicious)
auspicious Comparative
more auspicious Superlative
most auspicious
1. Of good omen; indicating future success.
2. Conducive to success.
This is an auspicious day.
3. Marked by success; prosperous.
What it simply means is that a wedding on these days that have been decided by some one based on whatever divination techniques can bring success. Please note that the operative word is can as many weddings have been doomed even after all these but that was another post.

These auspicious dates help to sell calendars and they can be a nightmare to a wedding hall owner when bookings happen only on the auspicious dates because our people are still rooted in superstition or optimism whichever way you look at them. The saviours for these wedding hall owners are of course the discount sales selling everything under the sun that use these halls on inauspicious days to make a good buck. I get a feeling that some wise men laugh all the way to the bank on these days.

I can understand the mentality of the herds who say people will not start something on “bad” days so we should not do also, but what upsets me is that why do you need a particular day to visit the almighty? Whatever be your religion though I think this day concept comes from the majority way of life here, I do not think that God designed days to meet him. Do we not wake up on bad days? Do we not live on bad days? Are we doomed if we were born on bad days?

A wedding needs a few constants: a groom, a bride, 2 witnesses and some one who conducts the actual wedding. We choose to bring God into the picture because we believe that a wedding without God is like a building without a foundation (agnostics and atheists please excuse). Everything else the feast, the celebration, the trousseau, the beauty parlour, the entourage, the make over and every other small or big detail are purely optional so why make life miserable for everyone by focusing on something which is really inconsequential if you look it with a clear perspective.

A wedding will work only if the parties involved that is the bride and the groom choose to make it work, the parents, in laws and every one else should ideally be at an arms length away and I do think neither the lines on the hand or the stars or the friendly neighbour astrologer will have any say in it.

Time itself is relative, what is today for us is already tomorrow for some and still yesterday for some.

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