Friday, June 18, 2010

Of balls, semmozhis, swimsuits and more

Vuvuzela or not, the beautiful game is often making me yawn and somehow I miss the good games. I’m a football novice but still I think that to score you need to visit the opponent’s half of the football field to score a goal, passing between team mates in the own stretch is so not happening

The cricket overkill and viewer exhaustion is emerging with the recent matches happening away from the glare and despite the headlines on the sports page; I think some sanity may be returning to the sport fan space

Swimming is fun and I can’t wait to complete the remaining 13 weekend classes so that I can make it a routine, maybe just maybe I will knock off some kilos on the way. But sadly only bodysuits abound the pool I learn.

Trinity is a real bundle of joy with her heart melting smile and naughty antics often driving poor D round the corner

Doing some property hunting and finding that the prices are way beyond my purse and by the time I locate a buyable property I think I will find myself in some other state leave alone the city.

Just heard that the voice of TN is from Kerala, a year after that Super singer junior was launched, finally I am told the award went to the one outstation candidate. We are so inclusive!

The Tamizh conference is on overkill mode and as with so many hypes hope it does not fall flat on its face.

Sycophancy in politics is reaching new heights or plunging to new depths whichever way you look at it and it makes you wonder if you are also living in the same planet as these buffoons who equate their leaders with everything under the sky and even above the sky. Remember the mother Mary incarnation that did the rounds some years earlier.

Realized that weekend trips can be fun and should be attempted at every opportunity, makes the missus happy and gives me a well deserved break.

Just realized that in a few days, yet another year will pass me by, I feel so old.

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