Thursday, May 13, 2010

Of Mumbai, travel, review and others

Been awhile since I last posted so just thought I’ll put some random thoughts together

- Went to Mumbai for a review & strategy plan meet and found that somewhere strategies got lost in between tactics
- Found that the over priced service apartment did not live up to its price.
- Heard during the meeting that we are constrained only by ourselves and not the environment
- Was reminded that nothing is impossible if we choose to make it happen
- Spent a couple of days doing nothing because planning and no action made all those grand sight seeing plans, just that plans
- Found that there will be a fashion street everywhere and that bargaining on the streets must start at 50% of quoted price
- Saw decay, dirt, despair everywhere and generally felt depressed
- Heard again that people there sleep less, travel more, work harder etc and remembered that they lived lesser too (read in the paper some where that the avg life of a Mumbaikar is 3-4 years lesser than those from other cities)
- Wondered at the sight of every posh building bounded by a shanty
- Lost my cell phone and with it all my contacts (boo hoo!)
- Discovered that Indigo may have good on time record but I get the flight that is over an hour late
- Learnt that the airline crew do not understand the phrase “last and final boarding call” means that it comes only once
- Realized that VETA (Vivekananda English speaking course) may have an untapped opportunity with the airline crews who make the announcements
- Realized that it is possible to negotiate with taxis at the Chennai airport and they are actually more reasonable than the autos
- Rejoiced that there is or never will be any place better than home

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