Saturday, May 22, 2010

From a distance

I was invited to attend a discussion with the Indiblogger team and NDTV Hindu team today. The topics to be discussed were the Maoist situation and the government response and Indian cinema.

I went prepared on the Maoist scenario and i actually did some thinking on my view point. Opinions like are like butts everyone has one and that is the fact of these talk shows you can show the world yours and get away with it. Please note that you can get away with flashing your opinions only on TV.

Sadly the topic was changed to discussing the banning of Facebook by Pakistan, so I thought maybe I will share my thoughts with you...

A few quick pointers -
- Firstly I am not a commentator and frankly how anyone can comment on something that is so far away, it is not an IPL match after all, beats me
- The gun is never a solution and he who wield a sword, perishes by a sword, don't think a gun is any different
- Armed uprisings cannot be popular or self sustaining
- The Maoists are devils but it does not mean that the security forces are angels
- I appreciate the efforts of the media but seriously going and interviewing elusive fugitives may be good for the TRPs but it can demoralize the security forces and also makes the nation look like a fool

My solution for this conflict-
- Offense is the last thing that should be done as it will only lead to a circle of violence
- Positive action to eliminate the problem at the root cause

There may be some truth in the satire after all
- The government has two powerful weapons in its armoury to fight this conflict the first is the NREGA a brilliant scheme that will ensure food on the table for many who currently have picked up guns for their daily bread
- The second is financial inclusion or simply lending to the poorest of the poor small loans either through banks, MFIs or NGOs for employment generation activities

After all naxal movement sprung from the conflict between the haves and the have-nots, where the issue was land and not food.

To sing off I leave you with a song, a beautiful one that says from a distance God is watching us and all that we do...

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