Friday, April 23, 2010

Of April heat, CSK, HYderabad and appraisals

Its 20 days since my last post and let me look back and see what happened in between:

-Appraisals were not “aapraisals” this time, thank to some work, some luck and lots of grace from above. It was a reasonably good one, however a small slip between the cup and the lip made it a little lower than exceptional. So there is more to look forward next time

-Trinity got her head shaved and it took some time for me to get used to her bald pate. Undeniably a girl’s crowning glory is her hair.
On the topic of hair shaving, I do not think it is a great idea to go to church and shave the head there, no it may be acceptable to some, but it simply is not what I do. Bowing to family pressure we went to Our Lady of Health church in Besant Nagar, but one look at the unhygienic surroundings & we made a quick dash to Naturals and got the deed done

-Went to Hyderabad with family for the wedding of a classmate. It was a mixed bag, we did some sight seeing despite the heat, but some how felt very unwelcome and like strangers in the wedding house. Previous weddings we were always part of the family. May not make many such trips again. Poor Trinity had a real tough time and made me resolve never to make her suffer such trips again

-Took part in my first tweetup and for an impromptu meet it was good fun with around 12 of us there. Met two old bloggers and lots of new microbloggers who I am now following and getting followed in Twitter.

-CSK made things difficult for themselves to make the semis and finally made it to the semis after some good work by the Indian Batting contingent especially MSD who roared to life in Dharamshala and guess what yesterday they stormed in to the finals out-bowling, out-batting and out-fielding the Deccan Chargers. So the IPL is finally ending and maybe I can get back to farming and treasure hunting.

-Learnt that Modi-fying is kicking you own ass when trying to kick someone else’s ass after the Tharoor-Modi Twitter saga that is grabbing news space.

-It is getting HOT!!! and no signs of respite with dog days ahead.

-Just noticed that my blog rank has gone up 12 places

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