Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some random thoughts

My prolonged absence from blogosphere has made my ranking drop 12 notches and I’m now languishing at 36, any more absence and…

Getting a little frustrated with the unfriendly systems in place at work, hygiene factors are taking a back seat and despite my boss’ best efforts it is a real dampener and everything boils down to money.

Chennai Super Kings opened their account and it was an interesting match. The CSK top order was extremely scratchy and they some how scratched their way around till the unbeaten partnership that took away the game. But what was more pleasing was the bowling of Morkel who kept it simple and bowled straight on a good length. Aggressive fielding helped and it was a team effort that made KKR look very ordinary.

Staying with the IPL, this year it looks like the CSK missed a trick by not picking up ICL players who are shining in many other teams, especially some local bowlers who can add muscle to the team.

I think that the time out this year can be used as a good tool by the captains and can be game or atleast momentum changing is used well and looks like an innovation that can be regularized.

Some of the ads that we are bombarded with during the IPL makes you grimace, especially an aged Akshay Kumar who is flogging his parkour skills to the death jumping off every thing for the silliest of reasons. And I am yet to figure out the Havells executioner ad and the Spice London bua ad. IF anyone understands these please write in. Zoozoo still makes you smile and you must credit the makers for making some absolutely enjoyable ads and the latest Havells MCB ad is actually good fun and is a better watch thatn the other mentioned.

Staying with ads another ad that kept me scratching my head and when I noticed that I was not alone is the JK cement ad. A scene straight out of Baywatch and nothing else, in case you have missed this incredible ad it shows a woman walking out of the water in the beach in a swimsuit and the voice over saying that there is something special about this, I wish they had given some more pointers.

I think that I have lost weight by being conscious of my food and that has helped. Must check on the actual loss but it feels good and I have eliminated junk food out of my system for some time now, no more mid meal snacks and dinner is now generally a fruit / sprout / veggie salad with a mild dressing. Abstinence from meat during lent has also helped if nothing, it feels good.

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