Thursday, March 18, 2010

Of IPL, nityananda, garlands and other things

I did not follow the second innings of the match yesterday as I felt that it may be a damp squib and so it was reflective of the margin of nearly 100 runs that separated the Mumbai Indians and the Delhi Daredevils. Twitter is full of tweets on how the Thackeray’s will change the name of the imports into Marathi names like Keiron Pollard to Karan Poddar…

Though it may be the least imaginative of all franchisee names given the current scenario MI tells the world that Mumbai is for all Indians and many high priced imports and if the MNS thinks otherwise they can bid for the 9th team when it starts.

Malawathi oops Mayawathi is hogging the news space and the vulgar display of sycophancy and money power is sinking to new depths and positively makes you throw up. This is the state that recently declared it bankrupt after the many memorials and statues to pay compensations to the victims of the ashram stampede. Saw the news today where a MLA from the Samajwadi Party is missing after setting a woman on fire and yet another story where a wheat consignment from Australia which is supposedly unfit for human consumption has been imported from Australia and is awaiting distribution for food use, this import being done by someone with political connections. Until community and caste based politics recede such goons will continue to rule us.

Actually the IPL and now Mayawathi have pushed Nityananda to the background, he was actually a hot topic on Twitter. I watched with amusement and some amazement at the frenetic reactions to the breaking news story till they eventually died down. I know everyone has an opinion but if he had not advocated celibacy for self what he did in his room was his personal business. I am not sure what right anyone had to invade his privacy and these sting operations do little more that increase the TRPs of the news channels.

Now the church is facing flak for all the abuse cases and it is time that such instances are not swept under the carpet and those who are guilty face the music. It will tarnish the image of the church but in hindsight the church was built on sinners and for sinners so let the one without sin cast the first stone. I will not be surprised to see more people use this as an excuse to move away from the faith, it is their choice but if their faith is indeed personal and built on a personal experience then it will weather all things.

Staying on the discussion of religion and the church, I am against all independent churches who proclaim a skewed version of the gospel. This malaise is not restricted to the church alone but is a growing phenomenon across all faiths where mushrooming of fringe groups with narrow and militant views are spewing fast food religion. Religion that is convenient, attractive and easy for weak believers. Such independent groups often distort the faith and cause dissent and division and often end up as money spinners for the creator leaders.

On a happy note Trinity seems to like driving, her past time is to move around purring like a car and tossing her cushion like a steering wheel. Another racer in the making I think, but D would not have any of it already.

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