Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More IPL, criminals, body art and penance

IPL commentary is a sure fire cure for insomnia and the only saving grace is one gentleman who went in for hair transplant before Sehwag. If it were not for him you would simply drown into parrot talk that will kill you with its monotony or clich├ęs.

How many times can you stare at a blimp and be reminded of the contributions of the Pace Foundation to Indian cricket, maybe its time that some of the superstars get back to the Foundation to remind themselves of the basics.

I fear that IPL 4 will have a sponsor for every delivery that will be bowled at the rate things are going and overkill can kill you painfully. And another word for omnipresent is Lalit Modi.

Crime pays big time and in India it can be a great pension scheme, can’t remember the number of criminals who have swindled the public, shot to infamy and then with fickle public memories retire out of the lime light to enjoy their ill gotten wealth.

Justice delayed is justice denied, one of the foundations of justice but the Indian judicial system has been reduced to a farce by a plywood company, a sad commentary on the nation.

What came first? The politician or the criminal. Do politicians become criminals or vice versa? A rap sheet of some of the leading politicians makes you shudder and wonder how can a law breaker make a law?

Women and pain (the self inflicted) go together. Saw Trinity get her ear pierced and was informed that the pain will last for three days. Then I remember the many women who get their ears pierced multiple times, not to mention those with belly, eyebrow, tongue and whatever piercings done. And not to mention the tattoos, that have become bigger, more colourful and very exotic. And this craze is not restricted to the young and reckless but even thirty somethings are flaunting their body art. This is not sexist, I know men do all the above and more but still, I think I’m missing something here. Is the pain worth it? Or is this a small price for vanity? Come to think of it some beauty procedures are not painless either. Next time some one calls women the weaker sex, he better take a second thought.

I see a few around me sporting beards and sorrowful faces because it is Lent. Going contrary to the basic tenets of fasting in the Bible these people make it seem like more self inflicted pain. Such observances belittle the idea and personally are best avoided. They forget that this period has actually cleaned out their systems and their profiles look leaner than a month or so ago. And little good comes without effort, except salvation which is free. Look forward to the Easter as it will be another option to sing the Easter proclamation in church which I feel is a blessing from above.

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