Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just another post

Its been awhile since I blogged and I have already explained my prolonged absence in earlier mails. I have signed up for the blogger meet that is happening shortly and so I got back into the blogosphere.

Q4 has been busy and it has been good, with success tasting sweet but the rewards are still looking elusive. So waiting with a silent prayer. I have finally got a team actually one member has joined and the other will join shortly, these two will lessen my workloads and let me do my normal job which had got changed recently.

Trinity is growing fast and spreading loads of happiness around. My office travel weary body has got some rest and is recuperating before the next set of trips which are thankfully day trips only.

Farmville is the greatest time pass apart from the occasional TV sessions. Have decided that Mafia is no longer my cup of tea and have retired to the farmlands exclusively!

Had an opportunity to sing with a choir for a gospel concert and had a good time doing it. Looking forward to more such chances.

Will get back to the normal average again as I have missed blogging. Till then ciao.

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