Monday, March 22, 2010

Indiblogger Meet 2010

I participated in the Indiblogger meet in Chennai on Saturday and it was an interesting experience, thought I will share it with you.

The good: The venue GRT Grand Convention center is a better venue than the earlier one (Deecee Manor)
The bad: The venues are still limiting capacity maybe next time we can give up the aircon claustrophobic confines and take maybe OAT at IIT?

The good: This was the second meet
The bad: this was the second meet in 3 years and if this is the blog capital then it deserves better

The good: The large number of people who came for IB10
The bad: the very few repeat visitors from IB08

The good: The huge age band of members
The bad: very few school students unlike last time

The good: The programme was well planned and structured
The bad: The planning took away the unconference, it still resembled an office meeting

The good: The riotous Hitler video really was awesome
The bad: too little of awesomeness

The good: the team of Indiblogger, who put things together
The bad: didn’t see all of them mingle in the crowd

The good: The 30 seconds of fame
The bad: because it was random, you could not list the URLs or the sites, maybe the roll call could have been done

The good: The chart on back method of social net working
The bad: some unpleasant comments noticed on that, open is not always good

The good: The huge turnout and the disparate membership
The bad: many were probloggers so the fun element of blogging got subdued

The good: the huge number of techie blogs and bloggers
The bad: the tech dummies like me felt lost

The good: the sponsor did not bore us to death like last time
The bad: since it was a mobile phone sponsor we only got to rate mobile phones,

The good: the well intentioned panel discussion
The bad: the snide comments and lack of tolerance of the so called non tamil crowd, come on you are living in Chennai if you cant get along with Tamil then move on

The good: the discussion
The bad: The moderator

The good: the FCUK punch line from the back bencher
The bad: the very few such punchlines and the search for sponsors etc by bloggers

The good: The food
The bad: being lent, could not try the chicken sandwiches! Lack of discipline by those who have to cut lines for even the food line

The good: Tshirt finally!
The bad: haven’t tried for size, if it it don’t fit, that’s bad

The good: the commitment of Indiblogger to have more events
The bad: the wait!!!

Finally I must salute the Indiblogger team for the effort and for a great meet. May I suggest that maybe we can look at smaller sectoral meets for better interactions.

P.S. did not take any photos so this time no pictures to share.

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Anoop Johnson said...

Hey dude! as always, love reading your post man .. You did us a big favor .. we were supposed to do some sort of analysis and unfortunately old monk paid us a visit .. your research on the meet will do just nicely :) :) .. Thanks .. To more meets!