Monday, December 21, 2009

Time flies

I have been away from this pace for two months now and much sand has flown down.

- My bundle of joy Trinity is now three months old, has come home and is quite a handful.

- Have closed two deals and have launched them, which took a lot of time and effort but is now bringing in the money for my company

- The children's choir have been videographed twice, the first one was quite a disaster done for the Divine TV and thankfully will not be seen by many, the second was for Vijay TV for Sing the Season 2009 where the kids competed with some very good senior choirs and though lost, held their own and left me immensely satisfied. YOu may catch them on air on 24th of December between 5-7 PM

- The John Miln's Chorale completed yet another annual carol service, and quite truthfully we messed up and it pains that we did not do justice to our master. But somewhere down the line I felt that this time we were very underprepared.

- I have travelled up and down the two states I handle and have got quite tired of seeing trains

- Many other things have kept me occupied so much so that this year I fear that Christmas may pass me by. I do not think I will go carolling, nor could I go and see any carol service. The decorations at home are half-hearted and my touch is missing.

But I will make my resolution before the new year, that I will be back to blogging and I think Trinity will give me lot of material to blog.

Best Wishes for a very joyous and grace filled Christmas and a wonderful new year.

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jerrysathiaraj said...

Good writing...Its good to know you are working with the kids for the choir. Its a great effort considering your family & work commitments. Keep it up!