Monday, August 10, 2009


Remember Will Smith in Enemy of the state? He went shopping for lingerie which was a big mistake because afterwards he became THE enemy of the state. Thankfully such things don’t happen here, and more importantly I don’t need to ask someone for the size because I ensure the wearer comes along.

I was very uncomfortable when D said that I accompany her the first time. Now I have an issue with D’s shopping that I may have mentioned before. I do not mind shop hopping and pulling out the entire rack to search for that one item we intended to buy, but I do not approve walking away empty handed after ransacking an entire shop and finding nothing. I believe a good sales person should be appreciated and the best appreciation is a sale. So I don’t approve of the routine of running from shop to shop and buying nothing. Crazy you may say, but after so many years in sales, I empathize with every good salesperson.

All the above mentioned, shop hopping, raiding the racks are avoided when we go lingerie shopping because you do not have that many shops and the available shops seem to be spaced out. So you invariably end up shopping in one place which is a good thing, considering the hassles of finding a parking slot. So coming back to our shopping expeditions, it was quite funny walking into a store for the first time and find that you are probably the only male around, surrounded by inner wear, sleep wear etc. You must watch the movie because it is not a big deal when you are just doing the payment bit and you do not have to worry about the opinion poll after visits to trial rooms. However I must admit I have never ever wandered in alone and I don’t plan to do so.

Nowadays I have got quite used to the entire process, that I don’t bother to make unnecessary phone calls to appear busy and just manage to sit around and wait for the sales process to end. It helps also if there are some old mags lying around for obvious reasons. To sign off after many visits I am actually glad that the stores of today are what they are and provide adequate depth and breadth of offerings with sufficient displays to make informed choices. Just wish they may offer better seats and some other entertainment for the most important people who pay the bills.

PS read entertainment as maybe a TV or some more magazines


Shilpa Garg said...

Very interestingly put! :)

My husband's sentiments he too believes in appreciating the salesman's buying something.
Though, I believe a nice Thank You should suffice, in case you do not get what you are looking for!!

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Nice post Jolly R!! Gotta call D to find out where you guys went! And so nice of you to accompany her to the lingerie shop =)