Sunday, July 12, 2009

After a break

Been away from Blogger for quite some time and I blame it on a few reasons led by the eternal criminal Lethargy. I was also busy with a few work related issues that kept me occupied, so much so I never got around to blogging in office. Spare time in office was what started me off initially.

Anyway coming down to the issues, lethargy is too wide a topic to merit a meaningful discussion so I will move on to work and more specifically work related travel. Work related travel takes up too much of my time and leaves me tired, it also leaves me bored because I end up without internet for a few days at a stretch so even if I have time I’m out of touch. The other problem is that travel tires you out more so when you age. (I actually got a side middle once)

Speaking of age, I have hit the big T; I am now out of the twenties and into my thirtieth year on earth. It irks me no end when people look at you and comment on my gray hair. It is surprising because the first strands of gray peeked out even while I was in college, so what if you can see more of it now. It means I’m old or I’m wise, take your pick, they are both facts.

Friends make the journey of life interesting and enjoyable. Was happy to meet up with a gang of friends after a few months. Now our gang is as disparate as you can get with me the oldest and the youngest still in college. But it is really a time that is well spent and I thank God for my friends. While on friends, we were the victims of yet another rip off at Café Coffee Day. You may want to read an earlier story on CCD.

Now this ad merits a post by itself and I may actually post one, but I would like you to please explain this, because it leaves me totally confused.


Daisy Blue said...

If you get an explanation for that Ad buzz me too !
And that stupid side middle sucks!

Trinity said...

yes you are thirty and be happy God is been gracious to you with so many years and many more to come instead of sulking over it(if not you whoever your friends are)and yes how much ever i crib and cringe about that Devils own with chocolate temptation topping for Rs.182 in CCD i'm not going to get over it!

Dhanya said...

Thank God.. So I'm not the only one who has ran away from the blog :P
Btw belated Happy B'day :)

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Happy Birthday!!! As long as you are a wise 22 year old in your mind, heart and spirit, three oh, four oh, five oh, even six oh is nothing!! I'm a wise 18 year old (wanted to go younger, but, I like to be able to vote!)

PurpleHeart said...

Congrats on hitting 30.However old you are by number, it's insignificant in comparison to how young you are by heart. Cheers!

Shilpa Garg said...

Welcome Back! Hope you get loads of time to blog!! :)
And congratulations on completing the Three Decades on our planet!! :D