Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The buffet table

I really feel sorry for SRK, even more when I see the Sprite ad. In hindsight I wonder if he should have just got some hit men in the team because what is happening on the field is a Knight mare. If you must drop a few catches then for heaven’s sake get 170 odd runs behind you as CSK showed the other night. Even captain cool was disturbed with that run out circus.

As for Mr. Sun who keeps repeating the same set of set phrases every other time no matter who inappropriate they seem maybe a stint in VETA may effect a change around. If the game turns on its head twice then it gets back to standing position again, so what the big idea? I really do think that a little experience would aid commentary for how many of those wielding the mike has played 20 / 20 or even an international one day match in recent times? Or you should be a trained professional with some mike skills. “Ho Ho Ho” may sound appropriate for Santa Claus and even kids don’t fall for it nowadays and yet we have one wise man that does it on TV.

The other day I happened to notice a chauffer driven black Accord near me waiting for the green light at the Nandanam signal. I saw an executive looking guy work on his laptop in the low light; I was sufficiently impressed till the car moved forward to reveal a game of Solitaire in full flow. Some things never change.

Mafia Wars on Facebook (if you didn’t know it’s an app that has caught my fancy) is taking up a significant part of my FB time. I have reached level 42 something and have five 5 star hotels, a few mega casinos, diners etc and a whole lot of cash. My mafia incidentally is 11 strong and tends to get licked in many a fight but I pick on the smaller mafias and end up winning a few (I haven’t figured out another way to win as yet, maybe you have some ideas). It is fun and silly at the same time and till it wears out I may move up a few more levels still.

Have changed my mobile after my MY700X died on me, heard my brother’s also gave up the ghost in about the same time. D put the idea of Xpress Music 5310 in my head and after a short search I ended up with it only. Decent phone but the play list is painful and having had fun with Sagem this is a dampener. Otherwise it is a sleek and slim phone and as is my nature have dropped it a few times and got it duly scratched so that everyone knows it’s my phone. And yes yet to figure out how to connect to the net through Wi fi with the phone.

A while ago there was a mad rush of people getting married with me and all around me and now it’s the time of the baby boom. I’m getting invited to a few weddings (the last few singles of my age) and many christenings of late. Conversations have switched from fast cars and girl watching to prams and babysitting. Newer responsibilities get added every day and now with one more life to fret about and added complications at work it seems that my plate is overloaded from a huge buffet line.

So I have no better option than to hit the table after all D has a ready stock of Pudin Hara at home for any eventualities.


Chronicwriter said...

super saapaadu pola?

and yes SRK .. i really feel sorry for that hero turned joker...


PurpleHeart said...

I stopped watching IPL this year. And more than any other observation of yours, I am totally in agreement with your last one. I know how it feels like. They go, "so when r YOU giving us the GOOD NEWS?" I can't help wondering if the only Good News to them is reproducing in a population-exploding country ! !!!

Thoorika said...

Use your skill points to increase Attack and Defense and update your collection with LOTS of Chain guns! It will help you :D I see that I am not alone when it comes to getting obsessed with Mafia wars!