Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Work lows

“If there is a red carpet awaiting the boss at a client it’s probably because it is our blood on the floor…”

The above statement came out inadvertently during an office conversation and is reflective of the frame of mind that I find myself lately. Having 3 major setbacks in quick succession, basically deals lost to competition even with a superior offering can hurt and hurt real bad. When the deals were lost for reasons that seem illogical, you wonder what is happening around you. And when you take the rap simply because there is no one else, it can’t get any worse.

In the middle of the Holy Week, slow realization dawns that if it can’t get any worse it can only get better.


Chronicwriter said...

yes it can only get better..

the breaking time


for the


Amal Bose said...

have hope..
it will get better :-)

Trinity said...

"Gold is tested with fire" this is your favourite verse from the bible.

Mine is 'patience is a virtue' bcoz our time does not work hand in hand with Gods time!

Happy Easter Chriz

Jean said...

When Winter comes, Can Spring be far behind?


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!! Oxymoron !! said...

Norman Vincent Peale says, when you hit rock bottom, its time to celebrate, because now the only way you can go is UP! Wishing you the best!

Trinity said...

hey Ashika
that is the same nirmal told me when i was lamenting about how are choir is going from bad to worst!!

but he also said that its a long while before they hit the rock bottom that is the sad thing....

Gayatri said...

hey, hang in there. I'm sure things will look up like you said.

Don't let it bring you down so much. It's not worth it.