Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You are as old as you think you are...

Oxy had left a beautiful comment on my last post and that inspired this post. You are as old as you think you are…

I look back at some things that I started doing when I was young and when I look at me right now I think nothing much has changed almost.

I still:
- Suck on sugar boiled candies and jujubes
- Read comic books, while I have started high school and am now working Archie and the gang are still struggling to get out from Riverdale High and never failing to bring a smile on my face each time.
- Watch the ageless and violent cat and mouse story; yes Tom and Jerry still ranks as one of the all time best option to kill time
- Like lollipops and ice candy, they may look silly but far silly are cigarettes than peep out of others lips
- Drink H2O to get me a high
- Like Kevin McAllister, though Macaulay Culkin may have 10 year old kids, yet HA 1,2 still figures in my list of movies that can be watched any number of times
- Think that goodness is rewarded
- Believe that God is good
- Love my family and think home is the best
- Laugh out heartily when I hear a joke; watch a comedy, read a comic
- Enjoy home cooked food (mom and now D) the best
- Fight with my brother, only now it is at an intellectual level
- Dream of the ideal world
- Play pranks on unsuspecting friends and family
- Pray
- Sing like nothing else matters
- Spend time with friends
- Obey my parents even though it is tougher

The list goes on...

So how old do you think I am?


Chriz said...

you are young...

obeying parents ")

enjoy home food... i survive on hotel food and self cooking '(

PurpleHeart said...

Just about a toddler ! :D As long as you can keep the kid in you alive, life can grow out of age, but you never will ! Really liked and agreed on almost all the points. Stay the same forever !

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Hey Jolly! Nice post!! I think I might take a leaf out of your book (blog, really) and belt out a similar list!! Keep it going!

Trinity said...

i vouch for all that is listed in the post and some more

*oil has to be applied on his head by me or his mum

* if you make puttu at home, you have to mix it with banana sugar and coconut and give it with a spoon!!! like you do for a kid...

and many more
i stop here for safety sake. he he he

Chriz said...

haha.. would have been fun if trinity had given some more interesting news

Zee said...

i re-read my archies and my bestest moments are when i'm reading my archie comic and eating a dairy milk....i'll never grow up!

Daniel said...

U r 30...and becoming Older.... i'm not far behind.. :)
Gud blog..

Susan Deborah said...

If you make puttu at home, you have to mix it with banana sugar and coconut and give it with a spoon!!! like you do for a kid...

This is sheer laziness.

Clement, I think all of us have some parts which are still childlike. I have many such traits like all of us do.

Liked to read this part of the giant man ;)

Joy always,