Sunday, March 01, 2009

Don't miss this... (A movie review)

Watched the Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu last night. I'm no movie reviewer, but judging by the full house and the audience response I can safely say that the movie is a winner like the actors in it.

Led by the reviews the family ended up at the theatre hoping to watch a good movie and we got our money's worth. Yes, they made Ghilli with Kabbadi as a sidekick to the movie with a superhero in the center stage, but this is a movie where the game is bigger than the characters in it, because simply we do not know the characters.

Go for the movie, if you won't miss one larger than life hero, one sexy heroine in designers, 5 songs, 3 fights, 1 disjointed comedy track and a screaming villain routine or a path breaking new movie. The funny part is you will find a villain(s), fight scenes, duets, the inevitable love story, a whole bunch of comedians and an almost predictable tried and tested formula, but they are not what we have seen before.

Kudos to the makers and the absolutely lovely cast who made it such a pleasant journey. The subtle messages and the mild humour are the toppings on a enjoyable dessert.

But as we left the theatre, mildly shaken by the unexpected climax, i couldn't help noticing the question on every one's lips - Why...?

Watch it, you may get the answer and if you find out the name of the heroine in the movie, do tell me, I don't think i got it.


Sivaram said...

Yes even i heard the movie is good .

Trinity said...


PurpleHeart said...

Yea, whopping reviews all over ! Want to catch it