Saturday, February 07, 2009

Time to act

I am getting so irritated with these goons who are now policing the cities with their warped code of morality. They have topped the list of my most hated people including, bad drivers, uncouth auto driving goons, public spitters and pissers, you get the general idea.

The reason they abound is that many of us slept when the elections happened or we voted for communal criminals to power. 26/11 brought an outpouring of grief, outrage, fear, disgust and utter revulsion for the perpetrators and many were spontaneous in lighting candles and having protest marches across the country. Very good. I did neither, I confess. But to what avail?

Have any of us considered doing something against these goons who are trying to find new reasons to kill peace? From pub culture, which is crazy by itself, if people think that women don’t drink pay attention next time you read about a hooch tragedy, the liquour is often made, sold and consumed by women also, but always in a minority. So if you have a problem with pub culture, why not close pubs? That will loose precious revenue to the government, revenue that these goons are not likely to contribute anyway. The curse to society is not these clubs that are frequented by the elite and the minority but the many smelly, shady bars that are illegally run by the government near the TASMAC counters. These are a menace to society and if you happen to live near one you will know what I am talking about.

Heard that noodle straps and tight jeans are next on the agenda. I can’t help wonder why are men, whether they are voice chancellors, college principals, moral leaders and others of their ilk looking at women’s legs? What Indian culture do they speak of? If I remember those days when people flocked to catch the episodes of Ramayana or Mahabharatha, why did nobody notice those heavily jazzed up strappy blouses that the women wore? That is our culture.

Valentine’s Day benefited the card stores and the ancillary industries that grew around an alien custom. Agreed V day may have come from abroad but the day celebrates love and love is universal. It is not alien to our culture as from time immemorial courtship and romance occupied the most mind space. Heck every other movie that is made in any Indian language has the love element. Jamal and Lathika courted briefly in the railway station briefly, and it is applauded and accepted as Indian. Two people spending time together in a public space irks some morons! Have they never visited the sands of the Marina on any day of the year, why wait for 14th Feb?

What was really bitter to accept was the fact that a daughter of a MLA was kidnapped for traveling with a Muslim youth on a bus. What is objectionable here? If this is the state of a VIP what happens to the public at large?

When will we arise against this? These goons are alien to our culture; they know nothing about their faith or the faith of others, nor about our history, nor our culture. They need to be slippered in public, I have my slipper ready, how about you?


!! Oxymoron !! said...

Ooh ooh..wait for me..I've got these boots with two inch heels....Every time I see that #$%$%$# Muthalik's face my blood boils. I cant understand how such freaking idiots are allowed to walk free. Btw, did you hear about their 'marry dating couples' off strategy. Gosh, these freaks/slimes/goons/@$#$@#%#@ have issues man!! Renuka Choudhary is advocating a 'pub bharo aandolan' -But..that's really not the point!!! What about women who dont go to pubs? You know what, whatever these screwed up-in-the-head losers say, I'm not going to let anyone/anything threaten my individuality..or my right to wear jeans...or hold my sweetheart's hands.

Chriz said...

waiting for feb 14th.. me too...

Trinity said...

tho i ve never celebrated the V day (even after two years of married life... )i think love should be freshly baked everyday like a bread loaf, so everyday is celebration.

this time im already making plans just to prove a point!!!

and my chapel dipped in chaani (cow dung)is ready for those mindless morons.