Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Games we played in class

Sometimes your mind drifts off on a tangent spurred by the most innocuous of thoughts but the end results are worth the effort. Was washing my hand with soap and as I observed the soap bar I wandered back in time…

I remember the prank that I used to play on others in school having been the victim initially I decided I should share the joy.
Step 1: Find an unsuspecting soul willing to explore the latest personality mapping / or astrological mumbo jumbo for themselves.
Step 2: Draw a grid on the palm of the victim’s hand (the more intricate, the better)
Step 3: Ask a set of pertinent questions like “A favourite person of the opposite sex…”
Step 4: Write the answer somewhere in the grid and proceed till you complete most of the spaces except for one small section.
Step 5: Look sufficiently thoughtful and ensure that you write as randomly as possible. Step 6: Ask the killer question, “What soap do you use?”
Step 7: Write the answer on the vacant space, start scoring out your labours till you have totally covered the palm
Step 8: Pronounce loudly, “You will have a healthy and clean future if you use this soap regularly and wash yourself daily starting with you hand from today”.
Step 9: Scoot!

Another time pass that spared few was the great romance tracker called FLAMES. I know many of you may have a smile on your face, if you have played it. For the ignoramus among us FLAMES stands for 6 options:
1) Friendship (not always desired)
2) Love (tops the list of results yearned for)
3) Affection (a poor second to friends, who needs affection anyway)
4) Marriage (a long term goal for many)
5) Enemies (this has broken a few hearts)
6) Sisters!!! (a surprising option considering that the parties involved are generally of opposite sexes, I suspect the inventor ran out of feelings for S, now I guess it would be renamed as Sex)

Anyway the task involved getting the names of two individuals and checking out what is on between them. To explain let me take the example of Surya and Jyothika.
Step 1: Write the names one below the other. (Back then gays were not in vogue, so it always was a boy and a girl)

Step 2: Cross out the common letters in both the names

Step 3: Count the total number of letters

Step 4: Write the magic word

Step 5: Starting from L to R cross out the ninth letter of the word iteratively

Step 6: Announce the results!!! (OMG the fans are going to lynch me!!!)

Step 7: If you decide to proceed further despite the heartburn and quantify the depths of the feelings, you can proceed to this step. Write down the number of each vowel in both the names.

2 0 1 1 1

Step 8: Now progressively divide this number by two till you reach a two digit figure, rounding it off to the next number when you reach an odd number.

20112 (+1)
1258 (+1)
630 (+1)
316 (+1)

Step 9: This ladies and gentlemen is the true feeling between the two parties and that too @ 80%

This never ceased to amuse us back then in school.

Ah!!! Those good old days!

PS: D & I would be E @ 65%!!!!


Jean said...

I still get upset when I get "E" with someone!


Chriz said...


the tamil movies copied all these stuff..
manmadhan did the flames thing...

and one prasanth starrer.. the hand -soap thingie ..

good one

Trinity said...

soap thing was not known to me till my college first year and it was done by JP!

but flames we have played so many times with many characters... but the fact that its E for the two of us @ 65% is irritating given the fact it was I who gave the new soap to you!?

Chriz said...

check this site.. a good one on latest trends in marketing...

Dhanya said...

Loved this post :)
Yeh we too had a series of games at different points of time.. You took me back to those good old school days :)

Gayatri said...

hahaha, so cute! =D i remember FLAMES. will definitely try the soap trick.

The Pseudonym said...

Pranks is not the word I was a troublemaker in school and there were way too many incidents. But the most serious ones were played with the teachers themselves. Pissed in the Petrol Tank of a Teachers Bike. Bunked school and went to a school in AnnaNagar and made fun of the girls and... SHIT I think I should blog about this.

PurpleHeart said...

Whoa...whoa ! If not for college, life wouldn't have bagged half as much!Truly nostalgic !

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Lol!!!! So true!!! Been a victim of the soap one, once! FLAMES...hahaha!!!

The Depressed Doormat said...

I think the S is supposed to be siblings, not sisters.

The Depressed Doormat said...

Also, re-do the math. 5028/2 /= 2520

JollyRoger said...

@ Jean : take it cool, sometimes our friends and enemies are the same...

@ Chriz : I have not seen either, glad you liked the post

@ Trnity : you have to learn much

@ Dhanya : glad you liked the post, nostalgia always brings a smile to our faces

@ Gayatri : All the best with the soap

@ Pseudonym : I await the post eagerly

@ Purpleheart : I love nostalgia posts, more to come

@ Oxymoron : All of us have been at some time I guess

@ The Depressed D : I was taught the stuff as Sisters, but Siblings makes sense & cool of you to spot the maths blunder, but too lazy to change it...

Zee said...

wasn't the last game called true love???

JollyRoger said...

@ depressed D: I made the change, Thanks!

@ Zee : I don't know Zee, we called it Flames.

Susan Deborah said...

Not aware of the soap one but FLAMES, yes. Ah, we used to write our name against the guy whom we were going out with and eagerly awaited the result. Ah, such gnawing innocence! There were others also but can't recollect them now.

Joy always,