Thursday, January 01, 2009

First post of 2009!

Sitting in a near empty office (half sleepy, so excuse the almost disjointed post)on the first day of the year, I thought I will discuss the activities of New Year eve. I went for night service and found the church packed, the numbers had definitely increased from last year. What that indicated is open to speculation but personally 2008 had too many lows than highs so maybe the many in church were with me in trying for some divine solace in the days ahead.I always have this dilemma about changing this church routine and party at least once but every year passes and the routine never changes.

I take this opportunity to wish some people in no particular order who also did not party on Christmas eve: -

1) Rajinikanth and his brethren, Police constable wearing a mask and a muffler standing in the middle of the intersection and trying in vain to control the reckless driving in the wee hours of the morning. For him New Year eve might simply be a headache he would rather avoid.

2) Kamal and his colleagues, the ice cream vendor who worked in extra hours to ensure that late night revelers had a iced treat, to him the night was a bonus

3) Ajit and others like him, the waiter in Marrybrown who tirelessly cleaned tables and served the uninspiring food with diligence despite it being 2.30 AM when only call centers are awake. Maybe for him his job was at stake, considering the paucity of jobs anything goes…

4) Surya among others, the 10 year old balloon vendor with a disarming smile who patiently waited to sell at least one to the kids having a blast inside Marrybrown. For him the New Year eve could possibly be the next meal even a biriyani.

5) Fr. Vikram and others of his ilk who mediated for the faithful with the divine and also prayed for the year ahead. For them this New year coming after a difficult year behind made the job of getting people to god a little easier so maybe they liked the new year eve.

6) Arjun and his brothers in arms, who tirelessly drove the buses and trains that ensured people reached their loved ones on New Years day. New Year for them is just another day, it will be comp-ed some other day

7) Vadilvelu and his fellowmen, from the public utilities who ensured the fans ran, the serial lights burned, the aircon kept it cool, people had water to drink, the drains drained etc. New Year eve for them, must ask them for their views.

8) Goundamani and Senthil among others, who arranged the food, drink, entertainment, comedy acts, danced sang, and made the revelers have a good time. For them also New Year eve is work but with a bonus.

9) Vivek and others who ensured that the daily newspaper was ready on time. New Year eve, is more news for them to write about.

Had I looked around a little more I would have probably had a longer list, but I guess not partying on New year eve is not a bad thing after all, nor for that matter is working today.

PS: The characters above are real but their names as you can see are not.


Prason Christopher Robin @ Chriz said...

a good start.. watched the video too... happy new year...

the cracker stufff... and traffic police.. let them atleast work on new year eve

The Pseudonym said...

NICe But who is who. Do We get it decoded??? My Brain in Maintenance Mode at the moment. Liked the Video.

Dhanya said...

Hey Wishing you a very Happy New Year :)

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Super post! A similar thought (I say 'thought' and not 'thoughts', because, I only noticed the policeman..mea culpa) crossed my mind when I saw a traffic policeman, his face covered in a woolen scarf at the Thirumangalam might be their 'rota', but, nothing wrong in conveying our gratitude.

Belle1979 said...

Hey buddy Happy New Year dear. A nice post to kick start your new year and the names hmmm.... yes quite appropriate.

Hope a great year for u and D.

Jean said...

So you worked ( and blogged ) on the first day of the year! lol!

Happy New Year, Clem!

Femin Susan said...

you are right with the police man.