Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Top 10 addictions of mine

Dhanya tagged me some time ago and when I look back I realize that procrastination deserves a pace in the list of my addictions which I can’t help noticing are very similar to Dhanya.
So here it goes in random order:

1)Internet: Sometimes I wonder how I managed to spend so much time on / in the internet. But the bottom line is it has grown up on me and it ranks very high on the list.
2)Never put off for tomorrow what you can put off today. As mentioned earlier procrastination is a second habit. From time immemorial last minute efforts have been the general order of the day, be it cramming for exam or a report at work.
3)The news: I manage to read 3 newspapers / business dailies a day and always keep one window open on my laptop with the breaking news scrolling every minute at work
4)Cricket : I can watch matches of other nations too and I enjoy the ICL as much as I do the IPL and thanks to T20 I can watch cricket after work and not miss much
5)The pot: well it may sound funny but I sure do spend a lot of quality time in the loo every day where I read one of my 3 papers and very often think, plan, strategize… and generally spend my time well
6)Grilled chicken : I have always been a big fan of chicken in all forms of cooking but considering the cholesterol worries I have become partial to grilled chicken and I attack it with relish every time. (Afterwards the carnage on the plate is like Vadivelu’s line “Total Damage”)
7)Novels: I have always been partial to a good novel and can read an entire novel at a stretch
8)Sleep: I love my sleep, need I say more?
9)Tom & Jerry: I have spent so much time watching the same episodes but I have never ceased to get tired of them
10)Water: no other beverage gives me as much joy as a glass of chilled water can, simply addictive

That’s the list for now I guess.

This is an open tag, take it and see, it is fun.


Trinity said...

talk abt reading the news paper in the loo...
you know even Nehru Gandhi did that!


But what irritates is that till im cooking he will be in the den and when im finished with cooking and rushing to have a quick shower he will just then move into the loo for his planning... and keep me waiting

phew... no sign of changing his plans anyway...

Dhanya said...

Guess internet is a common factor in all blogger's list..
"Never put off for tomorrow what you can put off today" he he yeh can't agree with you more :P
3&4 are typical addictions for guys I think.. And potty was real surprising.. Is bathroom the best furnished room in your house? ;)
Tom and Jerry is my fav too :)

And thanks for taking this up :)


haaaaaaaaaa :) is that YOU at the pot???
made me ROTFLMAO over there...
geee, i read at the pot.. n do the mobile in there.. lappy's- i'm way too scared of the heat they could give out- i'm already a piles patient ya see ;)

n i share ya passion for water too- hurray..

n tom n jerry- always n any time :D

JollyRoger said...

@ Trinity: Thank you!

@ Dhanya: I quite enjoyed this, thank you

@ Jane: Hey girl whats with the new avatar? And sadly that ain't me, not too fond of laptop in loo either, gets too hot. Good old newspaper will do.