Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Telling lies???

Saw the movie “Poi solla porom” yesterday after postponing it for so long and at the end of the movie I guess I waited too long. It was an enjoyable movie that was lighthearted and at the same time was a telling commentary of the social systems in place today.

You couldn’t help but empathize with the head of the family and his long desire of buying a plot of land for his dream house. The plot on which he was willing to put his entire life’s savings and the retirement funds that would have been otherwise used for his last days. I will not brief you on the story because I would rather you see it for yourself. (It would be a steal if you can get a 10 bucks ticket at Satyam!)

What I liked about the movie in no particular order:

* The wide range of emotions from expectation, satisfaction, pride at a job well done, to anger, frustration and helplessness neatly shown by Nedumudi Venu demonstrated why Malayalam cinema is famous for realism.

* The absence of the template that defines most commercial masala movies

* A kick ass entry and a sublime ending, that made you want to stay in your seats till the very end

* Absence of speed breaker song / dance routines

* Absence of the usual love rigmarole which was restricted to a simple holding of hands that spoke volumes

* No group dancers, no dream sequences, no separate comedy track, no fight sequences…(there may be more no’s for a discerning viewer)

* The credit given to the original movie in Hindi and its writer ( a first)

* The cute heroine who though not a stunner in the conventional sense is still cute and who with a little training could lip sync better

* KK who does not have to be a US return with a fake accent

* The almost likeable villain in Nasser with his loud and shiny shirts and a pencil moustache

* The inevitable triumph of good over evil

* Mouli as daddy

* The Photoshop touched up pictures that accompanied the titles

Watch it, if you haven't already and tell me what more you liked.

(P.S. Had a tough time restraining mum, being completely immersed in the movie kept jumping up and prompting the actors on their next step. )


Chriz said...

cha.. i missed this movie... i should have watched it.. i chose dham dhoom for this one.. and now i regret it..

Trinity said...

I liked Mouli - he is a person who shudders at the sight of money?! frets over situations and decisions not discussed before and coward inside But puts a brave countenance as a shipping giant from Dubai

the others are as discussed by JR in the post!
Absolute Entertainment!

Trinity said...

hey JR
say thank you!
i only took you for the movie na?

JollyRoger said...

Thanx dear

Gayatri said...

mallu movies, i miss them! =)

this one sounds really nice, shall give it a watch whenever i go home.