Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My portfolio extraordinaire!

“You have a slipped disc” my physiotherapist announced rather unceremoniously last week after subjecting my back to various levels of pressure with his trained hands. Among the many reasons for this condition include my “over healthy” constitution and my excessive bike journeys early in my career. To confirm his diagnosis, he (the doc) prescribed a MRI scan

To the new comers :- Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI), is primarily a medical imaging technique most commonly used in radiology to visualize the structure and function of the body. Read more

Simply put it is a costly exercise to take images of your body in so many angles that you will actually feel proud of this extraordinary portfolio. Anyway I scheduled a time with the lab and waited my turn on the day (Friday the 7th to be precise). I was advised to change into the hospital outfit that looked like a checked school boy uniform and await my turn till the previous patient is done. This patient was profusely sweating and looked thoroughly exhausted and just appeared as if she had come out from some WWE encounter and that too coming out as the vanquished. As doubts crept into my mind, D also helpfully contributed the fact that some patients like to be sedated as they may get scared or feel claustrophobic. Now acrophobia, aqua phobia and claustrophobia are three things that make me feel a little uneasy at normal times I wondered what could possibly happen in the forbidding machine.

I was made to lie down and strapped into the device and rolled into a tube somewhat like putting the dough in those big ovens. Let me not forget the ear plugs which they offered saying that it may get a little noisy. This was to be the understatement of the year as what followed for the next twenty or so minutes must be experienced to understand. Groans, squeaks, squeals, hammering, ticking I heard them all in varying combinations and had D not warned me earlier that if I moved I would have to repeat the process I froze into submission. The biggest problem was my itching nose, nothing irritates you more than being strapped to a table and stuffed up a tube making noises and no chance to scratch yourself.

The sound effects equaled many of the rides in my last MGM trip and if one were to close his eyes and let him be transported to the realms of the sound I guess the effects will be the same. Anyway the process stopped in good time and I was wheeled out again. I just couldn’t wait for that itching to be taken care of. A moment later it was sheer bliss.

Anyway the travails of that day were worth the report which confirmed that I had a few bulges on my spine. I am now in the rehab process. I’m told that soon I will be back to normalcy again, so wish me luck!


Trinity said...

hey that was indeed a gruelling experience to sit with unplugged ears!!!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

yeahhh those machines always scared teh daylight outta me,..
i'm glad ya got yarself checked n the problem has been reckoned with!

n yeahh mgm rides are actually fun..
n th itch on the nose, darnnnn, it always itches only when ya can never get it :)

Dhanya said...

That's sad.. Get well soon...