Monday, September 15, 2008

Random thoughts again

It’s been two whole weeks since I last blogged. It’s been even longer since I received a visitor or even a comment on my page. Maybe my writing standards have dropped or maybe others have improved while I have stagnated.

I think it is time to start blogging again, because in my blog I can be just me. I do not have to be politically correct nor must I try to balance the feelings, sensibilities, responses, expectations of those around me. At some point of time being selfless is self defeating in itself. Of late life in isolation does not seem to be a bad thing after all at least in good doses.

I have realized that often the best solutions to problems come when one detaches himself from the problem and analyses it rationally. But either I am too emotionally attached or I just cannot seem to be rational. Rationalism by itself can be so cruel.

If failures are the stepping stone to success, I guess I’m ascending a very long staircase. Why do we climb such high staircases when we know that we have to come down eventually? Why is ground level not good enough when 99.99% are more likely to be there?

Advice is so sweet when you hand it out but very unpalatable when it is dished out to you. Yet everyone is qualified to hand out advice solicited or not. At least my industry of insurance is subject to solicitation.

There is no such thing as an accident, this line was repeated a few times in the Kungfu Panda movie and it was not an accident either. But somehow I contrive to end up in an incident that was not planned by me. I busted the right wheel and tyre of my Wagon R on a small rock and even after two days am not able to recollect how it happened. One sleepless night and numerous mind storming sessions later I have decided to defer my biggest purchase decision of a flat. I had written about getting my own “castle” and the challenges it posed. Never in my wildest imaginations did a battered wheel and tyre figure as a possibility. Maybe I am senti-“mental” but I have discussed this problem earlier, so it is not an accident.

Too much of good is bad, I had given this unsolicited advice (yes, I don’t practice what I preach too) to a friend who somehow entangled himself into so many additional commitments that at one point he struggled to stay afloat. What was worse is the way he chose to get himself out by simply running away without notice. Wish I could do that too, but it takes only a second to come back to reality.

Today is a holiday for state government institutions and those organizations that choose to accept the request from the CM, but I work in one of the many that chose the other way so I will sign off and get back to work.


Chriz said...

Take a break.. go to a hill station.. chill out.. have fun and come back...

Advice is so sweet when you hand it out but very unpalatable when it is dished out to you.. So very true...

welcome back... I wrote an article on comebacks today.. Hope your return to the blogging world would bring in the REAL writer in you... glad to see you back..

The Pseudonym said...

Shit man I have visited your blog in like months. I am the going to being the regular now on.