Friday, September 19, 2008

Generation Gap

The theme of the call-in show was “Generation gap – does it exist today?”

I thought of calling in and giving my point of view but sadly I was too late. Anyway debating the topic in my mind I came upon this insight that I thought I will share it with you so.

I believe that the most important responsibility for parents apart from bringing up children, providing for them etc is instilling values in the children. Value systems are the building blocks to character which is probably the best heirloom that children can inherit from their parents.

So there will be a generation gap if value transfer stops. But it is very fashionable to take trivial things as the basis for generation gap as it exists today. What people take to be a generation gap is often the different metrics people use for the same values. Values are fundamental but I think everyone can have his or her own metric to measure the values. My parents instilled values in me but I can see before my eyes how they measure the same values are sometimes different from mine and of course the eventual tensions accompany them. I know that my kids will raise hell when the same comes to them, but I know the challenge is to ensure that the difference lies only in the metrics and not the values.

Recently I had gone on a social visit to an uncle from the in-laws side. By default I wished him an informal hello after all he is family, but the old man took offence as I wasn’t as civil as I should be. He complained to my in-laws and you know what happened next. Clearly a difference in metrics and not values.

I have no problem with the difference in metrics at all; change is the only constant in life so how can I expect my kids to be like me or I like my folks. If every one did the same things the world will be a boring place to live in. I hope that when a day comes that I face the same question of a generation gap from my kids I will be able to rise above my fickle emotions and check whether it is a generation gap or just a measurement gap.

Thanks to Cartoon Stock for making life so much fun.


Chriz said...

sure thingie.. my parents had a very hard time in bringing me up.. they had a very sweet elder daughter and a brat of a son..

All the questions they asked were answered with questions.. I now realise that they were indeed really patient then..

They way you put it in your post was really good. Values and measuring guages...

Trinity said...

hey sorry abt my uncle
but im on your side dear!

Susan Deborah said...

Loved the cartoons and Divia's comment.

Another thing I would like to add is that everything is cyclical. No matter what we did and do, it will come full circle one day.

Enjoyed the read.

Joy always,