Thursday, May 22, 2008

(M)Ad musings.

Ad breaks can be very painful especially when you are watching something really interesting on the idiot box. Mercifully the IPL restricts these breaks enough for maybe a quick dash to the loo and back before the next over is bowled.

Two ads of late make me laugh or cringe every time they come on.

Ad No1: "Opportunities never sleep; the world never sleeps ... That's why we work around the clock, to turn dreams into reality. That is why Citi never sleeps," says a voiceover.
You may have seen the ad so I will spare you clipping. The bottom line is Citi never sleeps and guess what happens?

- A mind blowing $10 billion loss
- 20,000 job cuts
- A CEO called Prince being given the boot
- In India 140 branches of their NBFC are being closed
- An Indian, Vikram Pandit is now trying to salvage the remains of the day (since they have no nights)
- All employees now don’t sleep either as they are racked by nightmares of layoffs of paycuts.

Bottom line: Sometimes it pays to heed conventional wisdom, have these wizkids never heard their grandmas tell them “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise”. Change your ad guys, you need a break.

Ad No 2: “Sanjoo, Sanjoo….” The very sound of this name makes me retch before I switch channels to save myself from one of the most brainless and insensitive ads made.

Bottom line: Wives, get insured, then you don’t have to worry if your husband kicks the bucket.

I work in an insurance firm and I really wonder if this is the best way to sell insurance?

Chriz your views please, as you are the resident expert on this.


Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

the hypocrisy of it all!!! you had me laughing about the sanjoo wala ad though...

Chriz said...

hai anna

honoured to be pulled in for this post...
sowie for reading it late...

yes have seen both the ads...

1) too much of information pushed in an ad.. A print ad would have been a better option..
and as for the ad, its plain reality.. some industry never gives us the mental quench that we yearn for.

2)sanju! the guy in white t shirt.. pessimistic ad.. the insurance ads surely gives us a heart ache when they make us see ads like that..
but to be frank i also laughed in the end when he says "you scared me" and hugs his wife.. looked like a romantic ending..

The ad agencies are not the one to be blamed here.. They select the media, plan the budget and create this ad based on the requirements provided by the clients.. The clients always have this stingy tendency to change, shape and completely alter the message that the audience finally consumes...

You ought to watch the Ford Endeavour Ad done by JWT.. It is supposed to be a creative wonder it seems.. Am waiting to bash it in my next ad review.. Thanks for the post.. Happy to see more ad reviews coming up.. coolio.. cheers

Gayatri said...

LOL. the sanju ad is not too bad really, it has a cut ending to it.

But when you put it that way, i guess we really have to take a second look at it.

Trinity said...

It sucks man

!! Oxymoron !! said...

I thought the Sanju ad is going to be a funny one..but it kinda gave me an emotional you dont know whether to feel happy or sad or what..didnt like with you on this one!