Friday, April 11, 2008

Random notes from Hyderabad

I used to think that the word FINAL meant the last. So when someone says the final XYZ, it means that there is simply no more XYZ. I guess its time that somebody explains the meaning of the word to those illiterate announcers on the PA system in the airports. My effort to read the Economic Times was interrupted no less than six times with the following public service message: “This is the final boarding call for passengers traveling on flight number XYZ to ZYX, you are requested to proceed for boarding, I repeat this is the final call…”. When this scenario (min six final calls) replays for every flight that took off in the one hour I had to wait for my delayed flight, you can understand that something is wrong somewhere.

The Rajiv Gandhi International airport, Shamshabad is a stunning airport and you can’t help but feel impressed by the massive structure that rises up in the middle of nowhere. Please note that it is in the middle of NOWHERE. It is one big glass and metal structure. While the spanking new airport does awe you with it size, the sheer size makes you to walk forever to reach the exit. It gets worse once you reach the exit; remember you are in the middle of nowhere. The shuttle services that ply to the city allowed me to sleep for over an hour in relative comfort and yet I did not reach the city. Maybe they could use the Begumpet airport for short haul flights to the new airport now that it is nothing more than an extra large playing field for the Hyderabad Dynamos.

Saw an absolute riot of an ad today in Hyderabad, actually saw two. First of course is the spoof ad by Sprite of the silly Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and SRK ad that made me scratch my head the first time I saw it. Who is more silly – the ad maker or the actors farcing it? Sprite has put the ad in its rightful place. But the ad in question is simply one of the best spoofs of a masala movie with family sentiments you can get. It has the tag line, Ranjan aur Mano ka baap kab aayega? Don’t miss this ad for the DLF IPL, it is the best of all the ads they have made till date.

Been to Hyderabad thrice already and have seen very little of the city except for the Hussain Sagar and the massive statue in it. Did see the Charminar from the aeroplane, but was unable to see it close up. When I enquired about it from a friend living there, she nonchalantly replied that it is nothing much, just an old building with four pillars!!! So much for history.

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Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

hey... i heard about the new airport but regrettably i have never been to hyderabad... and the pune airport feels like its in the middle of nowhere too... the road to get there is too complicated for me to remember... and talking about the hyderabad airport, did you hear of the KLM flight pilot who said that the company had not been informed about the new airport hence he refused to land there. he diverted the flight to mumbai, i think...