Tuesday, February 12, 2008

To be or not to be a criminal, that is the question.

1. An act committed or omitted in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it and for which punishment is imposed upon conviction.
2. Unlawful activity
3. A serious offense, especially one in violation of morality.
4. An unjust, senseless, or disgraceful act or condition

1. Guilty of crime.
2. Shameful; disgraceful

- www.thefreedictionary.com

1) Keep on your left, allowing the vehicles from the opposite direction to pass.
2) Give way to traffic on your right, especially at road junctions and round abouts.
3) While turning either left or right, give way to vehicles going straight.
4) While turning left, keep to the left side and turn close to the left side of the road to which you enter.
5) Slow down at the junctions, intersections and pedestrian crossings. Also slow down near school zones, temple areas etc., where a lot of pedestrians and vehicle traffic move. Give signals before you make any manoeuvre, indicating your intention, so that the other road users can adjust accordingly.
6) Always use a helmet if on a two-wheeler and always check that the strap is fixed properly.
7) Stick to the given speed limit and remember that speed limit is related to the traffic condition.
8) Keep enough distance from the vehicle ahead to avoid collision.
9) Yellow lines should not be crossed under any condition.
10) At junctions or intersections, never park the vehicle beyond the stop line.
11) At pedestrian crossings always remember that the pedestrian has the right of way.
12) At the signal, do not stop your vehicle on the Pedestrian Crossing.
13) Two-wheelers are meant only for two. Third person is not allowed, even children.
14) Do not start your vehicle on the amber light. Wait for the light to turn green.
15) Overtake only from the right side of a vehicle. Never overtake on bridges, narrow roads, junctions, school zones and pedestrian crossings.
16) Do not drive in a zig-zag manner.

The following are few of the traffic violations according to the Motor Vehicle Act.
1) Driving a vehicle under the influence of liquor (Sec. 185 Motor Vehicle Act).
2) Driving without valid Driving Licence (See. 3 rd with Sec. 181, Motor Vehicle Act).
3) Driving at Speeds that exceed limits (Sec. 183, M.V.Act)
4) Driving with only one light in front (Rule 37 (xii) read with Sec. 177, Motor Vehicle Act).
5) Using dazzling lights (Rule 405 read with Sec. 197, M.V. Act).
6) Using the horns in a forbidden area (Rule 403 read with Sec. 177, Motor Vehicle Act).
7) Use of air horn / musical horn (Rule 402 Motor Vehicle Act).
8) Parking in no parking areas (Rule 37(x)read with Sec. 177, M.V. Act).
10) Vehicle emitting excess smoke (Rule 115 (I) C.M.V. Rule).
11) Failure to give proper signals (Sec. 121 read with Sec. 117, M.V.Act).
12) Rash driving (Sec. 184, M.V. Act).
13) Failure to stop vehicle when required by any Police Officer in Uniform (Sec. 132 read with Sec. 177, M.V. Act).
14) Non-compliance of directions given by any Police Officer in the regulation of traffic in public places (Sec. 119, M.V. Act read with 179, M.V. Act).
15) Failure to observe the rule of the road (Rule 37(i) read with Sec. 177 M.V. Act).
16) Violations of all restrictions, (Rule 411 read with Sec. 177 M.V. Act).

Been a criminal today?


Chriz said...

yes i am a criminal

Still Searching said...

the Indian traffic rules you've described here seem like a copy paste of the ones in the US... needless to say, even though I've been driving in India for some 7 or 8 years now, I've never seen, let alone read, a traffic rules book... so ofcourse I'm a criminal - in India... and I'm not proud of it, just that one has to do what others are doing otherwise you get left behind and get honks and gaalis!

In US, I follow every single one of those rules. I admit it, I'm scared of the cops and getting a ticket.

Gayatri said...

i second, third and fourth chris! =P