Monday, December 10, 2007

Random thoughts

It’s been awhile since I last posted. Lately it’s been those days when life has been standardized to a robotic routine. Wake up late, hit the washroom, gobble your food and dash to work, run around town hopelessly looking for business, routine boss blasting and boss bashing, meals in between and back home rather late after squeezing in a few choir practices or some extracurricular activity before a late crash into bed. Days pass by with such monotony that weekends and weekdays have blurred into insignificance as on my last sat off my boss hauled me out of home and sent me to office simply because he was bored and had nothing else to do.

With Christmas around the corner add more activities to the list a night mass and carol concert to be prepared for, (one big concert in Fort St. George was successfully completed last night to a tumultuous applause) carol rounds looming ahead (scary since we end our rounds late and work beckons the next day), shopping, more shopping, decoration etc etc.

With this blur of activity I suddenly look back and see that time has just flown by. So much has happened and so much happens every day. I long for those days in school and college when Christmas holidays were longed for after the half yearly or semester exams. Those were the days!!!!

Anyway a few things happened in this blur of activities that kept nagging at the corner of my mind and so I write this post.

Came upon this article when I was reading the news online:

And when I went to Anna University to pick up D
I happened to see many such simian friends
exploring the university grounds. Made me wonder if they would be better served inside the classrooms than outside?

In a related vein my car is often a cozy siesta spot for many dogs that sleep under it every time I park it near office. But each time I open the door they scamper away knowing that I need to take my car. I never have to wake them up, worse as some morons do search for a stone or stick. The animals understand that if they do not move they are likely to get injured. Cut to a scene outside a bakery in Annanagar. I was about to back my car out when I found an Esteem double parked so I asked the driver to move his car, despite it being so glaringly obvious. Then after checking that the path was clear I was reversing my car when suddenly I heard a thump. I looked back where my previously clear path was blocked by a large woman. She was waiting for her car parked nearby to be backed out and just happens to backpedal into an already reversing car. The other car was driven by an outrageously ugly woman who looked straight out of a horror movie and when she opened her mouth to spew abuses my theory was corrected to being straight out of some corporation sewer.

I wanted to apologize to the victim, though I was not obliged to considering she fell on my car but when this vamp spewed poison I just drove away contemplating a new reason why dogs are considered man’s best friend.

The next time people use brains its not they are smart its because its just an animal instinct.


PurpleHeart said...

May be u chose the best option to handle the situation, considering the fact that u ARE already stressed out. Yea, dogs do teach us enough to be hunman.

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

wn i hv a relly bad day n i come bk home n my pet dog or my landlady's lab licks my nose, it somehow makes evrythin wrth it... n abt d simians... vry interestin... i think we shd try d puttin em inside d classroom experiment smtime soon... i betcha d class'll b bettr behaved...

Gayatri said...

oh yeah, road "accidents" like the one you mentioned happen to all of us, we're abused and yelled at for no fault of ours.

and yea, i TOTALLY agree with your last line! animals are indeed MUCH MUCH smarter than human beings. AMEN to that.

And x-mas prep eh. That must be fun. I long for something exciting to happen to me, every x-mas year in and year out, but nothing ever happens. =(

Gayatri said...
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Mark IV said...

totally! dogs are far superior in intellect... in fact we should take a leaf or two... but if we agree on this, why the flame?
be a good boy, roger... go fetch! :-)

btw, even if its on a flame, long time man...

Dhanya said...

yeh I too agree.. Dogs r always better than humans :)