Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Template traumas


As you can see QuoVadis has taken yet another avatar. Actually every time I try to get a third party template for my blog it somehow contrives to end up doing a lot of damage. Blame it on my lack of html knowledge or just simple bungling. I managed to get some absolutely wonderful templates and finally I end up with a compromise.

A few problems I face:
1) I am not able to back up the widgets from my current template and move them to the proposed one.
2) The proposed template though good still has some scope for improvements and I don't know how to do them
3) I get run time errors when I try to paste third party code and I'm simply clueless to debug.

So all you whizkids out there who can do something about this, lease take your cue from the image at the start of the post.....

P.S. I think this template is good and it brings to mind a great management technique.
KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid!!!!


FireWhisky said...

hey jolly... hv u tried any xml templates???

Dhanya said...

Templates are always a headache.. I realized it when I tried to start a photoblog. Even now that photoblog is unpublished due to lack of proper template :(
And the errors might be because you are using the new IF of blogger. In Template -> Edit HTML , click the option "Revert to Classic Template" before you paste the code.

Gayatri said...

lol.. KISS.. good one..! =D

Sameera said...

Even I underwent this problem twice when I switched to templates of third parties.I saved the codes of all my widgets and added them back painstakingly!You are right,simplicity is the best way out at times :)